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Planet Win 365 Malta 100k GTD

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We came over to Puk's table as the turn card has just been dealt.

The board shows Jack Hearts6 Hearts2 Hearts4 Clubs

Puk checks from MP and Fabio Trovao bets 10,000.

Puk thinks for a few minutes and pushes all in for another 3-4,000 in chips.

Trovao snap calls and shows Ace HeartsAce Clubs while Puk needs help as he shows Jack HeartsAce Spades

River comes 8 Spades and no help for Puk.

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Level: 7
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50

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Six levels has been played till now and all the players will have 60 minutes dinner break to refund their energy.

Just a recap: 

139 entrances to DAY 1A

106 players left


We are making a new interview, stay connected!

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...And the turnout is pretty good so far, with 8 tables running and more joining every single minute. Some players are locals trying to qualify cheaply, while others are players that already busted out of the tournament and wants to re-enter cheaper.

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Table 15 just had a 20,000 pot, where we unfortunately didn't get the names of the players. We will update with them shortly,

We come as the river is shown Ace Diamonds7 DiamondsJack ClubsQueen SpadesAce Hearts

The BB bets out 6,100, MP folds and the button calls relatively quickly.

Button shows Queen HeartsJack Hearts and BB mucks. Button won around 20,000 chips

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Steven van Zadelhoff paid a weak flush , could he keep out from this spot? 

The player in the HiJack position opened to 825, the Dutch Pro from the Button made a call and also the BigBlind called.

The Flop is: 8 Spades7 SpadesAce Spades

BigBlind checked , the player in the HiJack position bets 3025 , Steven van Zadelhoff called , BigBlind reaise Allin for 11825 and both following players called his push.


Turn: 3 Spades Check - Check

River Card: 9 Clubs Check - Check

Showdown: Steven van Zadelhoff showed 9 Spades10 Spades , BigBling showed Queen Spades2 Spades and HiJack mucks.

Steven van Zadelhoff lost 12650 chips

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We came over to the table on the river, where 99J84 is already shown to the players.

UTG makes a 1,500 bet into MP who snap calls.

UTG shows A9 and trips while MP shows J10 for a pair of Jacks.

Level: 6
Small blind: 200
Big blind: 400
Ante: -

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There is a lot of action at table n.1 , and usually a player from UTG opened at 700, Poli Soriano made a call.

Here come the flop: 9 Spades5 Clubs8 Spades

The player Under The Gun checked, Soriano bets 1000 and is immediately called from his opponent.

The turn is : Jack Spades , UTG call , The Spanish Soriano bets 2000 inducing his opponent to push allin, and this is what happened, UTG went allin , just 9K more to call for Soriano that snapped and showed Ace Spades 6 Spades while his opponent showed Jack Diamonds10 Diamonds.


Soriano collected 25400 chips.


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We just talked to Jacob Nielsen who just doubled his chips in a hand against the tables 'old fart'.

MP raises to 500, Nielsen calls on the button and SB also calls.

The flop comes 44K rainbow

SB checks, MP bets 1,000, Nielsen calls, SB reraises to 3,000, MP folds and Nielsen calls.

Turn is blank

MP checks and Nielsen bets 5,000. MP calls

River blank

MP checks again and Nielsen goes all-in with his last 12,000 chips.

After thinking a few moments the MP calls and mucks his cards. Nielsen shows 45 for trips.

Nielsen made the following comment about his play so far 'I play terrible, as i am as always more focused on sportsbetting than on poker. So i was happy to get this little present'

Nielsen is now in 40,000

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We just talked to DonBartos who could tell us that he had just busted out of the tournament and was on his way to buy in to the tour again.

The hand he busted on was played against what DonBartos calls 'Spewy Fishes'.

UTG raises to 700, MP calls and DonBartos calls

Flop is K92 rainbow

DonBartos checks, UTG bets 1,000, MP calls 1,000 and so does DonBartos.

Turn is another 2

DonBartos checks,

UTG checks

MP bets 4,000

DonBartos calls and UTG folds.

River is a Q

DonBartos checks and MP puts him all-in for around 10,000. DonBartos tanks for a few minutes and finds a call with King Diamonds5 Diamonds, but unfortunately for him MP has AA and scoops the pot.

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It's Maltese Chris Naudi turn, he raise 600 preflop from UTG+1 position and is soon rereaised by Hijack position till 1400, Naudi makes a call.


The flop comes : King DiamondsAce ClubsQueen Diamonds  Naudi first to talk instantly checked , his opponent bets 1900 and the Maltese Poker Player calls.


The turn is: 8 Clubs Naudi checked again, his opponent bets 5000 and after a minute Naudi finished allin.


The player in HiJack position thinked a lot and after the Floorman counted his time he made a call for 13800 chips more and showed 8 Diamonds7 Spades while Naudi showed Ace Diamonds10 Diamonds 


The river card is 6 Diamonds , Chris Naudi fly to 72K and his opponent is busted.

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We came over at the table as the river had just been dealt, so we don't know how the action has been prior to the river. 

There is around 30,000 in the pot and the board is 9 ClubsJack Diamonds6 Clubs3 Clubs2 Spades

Mustapha Kanit is first to act and bets 21,000 into the pot.

His opponent Nicola Lestingi tanks for a couple of minutes and decides to call.

Kanit shows Jack Spades5 Spades and Lestingi mucks. 

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Level: 5
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: -

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We have seen lots of women that are playing the Planetwin365 tournament here in Portomaso Casino. Some are local, some are from Scandinavia but there are also several Italian women that has come here to kick some ass. We'll try and keep an eye on them all and see how they will do today

PKR Woman

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The Spanish poker player Poli Soriano opened at 450 from UTG position and received 2 calls from the middle of the table.

The flop is:  Queen Clubs6 Hearts10 Hearts

Soriano placed a continuation bet of 750, middle1 opponent raised to 2500 and Poli opted for a call.

The Turn is: 8 Hearts

Both player involved check on the turn

The River is: 6 Hearts

The Spanish Soriano bets 3600 and his opponent folds.


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Level: 4
Small blind: 100
Big blind: 200
Ante: -

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It's been an interesting first three levels of the tournament, but now its time for the players to take a 10 minutes break. We will do some interviews and stuff in the break and continue the live reporting once the break is over. 

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Yet another big hand has just been played in the tournament

UTG+1 raises to 425 pre and receives a call from Tobias Sinding and Ina Pavlova.

Flop comes 8 ClubsQueen Diamonds3 Hearts

All players check

Turn Queen Hearts

UTG+1 and Sinding checks, Pavlova bets 2,400. UTG+1 reraises to 6,000 and gets a call from Sinding while Pavlova folds. 

River 7 Hearts

UTG+1 goes all-in for 15,775

Tobias tanks for around 5 minutes before making a fold.

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Browsing around the poker hall brought us to a very interesting hand.

Unknown player in UTG raises to 400

Alban Guerbotte is sitting UTG+1 and calls 400

Clint Samut is sitting in MP and raise to 1,200

UTG folds and Guberbotte reraises to 6,600 and gets a call from Samut.

Flop comes 5 Spades3 Spades5 Clubs

Guerbotte bets 5,000 into the pot and receives a snap fold from Samut that shows King ClubsKing Hearts. Guerbotte says 'nice fold' and shows Ace SpadesAce Hearts

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Dutch pro player DonBartos is begin very active, and mostly against Italian players. We just witnessed a hand that was concluded preflop. Italian player Mustapha Kanit, who lives in Malta to play poker raises to 450 chips, another Italian player three-bet from the button to 1,250 chips and DonBartos squeezed to 3,575. Both Italians players folded after giving it quite some thought and DonBartos collected the chips.


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