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Jacob Nielsen Loses a Big One

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We just talked to the Danish player Jacob Nielsen, who told us that he had just lost a 10,000-chip pot.

Before the flop a player raised to 125 from the under-the-gun position and Nielsen three-bet to 600. Nielsen was seated in middle position and a third player got involved from the button. 

The initial raiser made the call as well and the flop brought out Q-2-3 rainbow. The action was checked to Nielsen who bet 700, the button called and the first player folded.

On the turn an ace hit and Nielsen continued with a 1,600-chip bet, getting called once more by his opponent. The river completed the board with a 3 and Nielsen fired out 3,000. After tanking for a bit his opponent made the call tabling a pair of nines. Nielsen did not show his cards and mucked as he was caught bluffing.

Live report by Daniel Allermand
Daniel Allermand - Reporter

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