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Double up for Steven van Zadelhoff

Posted: , Level 2

Steven van Zadelhoff's day has started off extremely well in the 100K GTD Planetwin365 tournament.

With K-9 offsuit Van Zadelhoff raised preflop against his opponent that had raised from middle position. Van Zadelhoff's opponent called and the flop brought out K-Kh-9h, Van Zadelhoff bet around three quarters of the pot on the flop and received a call from his opponent.

The turn showed the 7h and Steven fired another barrel. This time Van Zadelhoff's opponent decided to raise and the Dutch pro made the call. On the river Van Zadelhoff's opponent opted to move all in and things weren't that hard for Van Zadelhoff who called immediately holding the nuts!

This nice double up has bumped Van Zadelhoff's stack to well over twice the starting stack!

Live report by Daniele Casino
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