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Planet Win 365 Malta 100k GTD

Level: 10
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

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...But gets no callers at all.

Tobias Sinding was sitting in UTG+2 and pushed what looked like A6s. The others would have none of it and decided to fold, providing Sinding with more chips to his stack.

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Level: 9
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

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The end of Day 1A has come and a total of 60-64 player will move on to day 2 on Sunday. Tomorrow it is time for Day 1B, where we once again expect to see more than 100 players ready to play. So join us tomorrow from 16.00. Good night!

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Alex, the Dutch player, opened at 1600 chips and received two calls from HiJack and CutOff position and then the Italian player from the button raise to 5600. Alex just think a bit and then raise the minimum to 12700 chips.

It not enough for the Italian player that moves allin for 36K , Alex snap called and showed Jack HeartsJack Spades

while his opponent showed Ace Hearts9 Clubs


The board were: 8 SpadesJack HeartsQueen SpadesKing Diamonds2 Hearts and Alex collected 80K pot .

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Level: 10
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

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The tournament is running from more than 9 hours now and not all the players can keep their A-Game , Kallman Kim Torvald knows how to do it. 


Sofia Lovgren call the UTG opening at 1200 from her middle position, and the button, the small blind and the big blind followed her to create a real family pot!


The flop is: 9 Spades9 Diamonds3 Clubs


Big Blind bets 2300 and only the button called.

The turn is 5 Clubs that see check from both players.

The river is 4 Clubs the Big Blind checked and Kallman Kim Torvald bets 6500 chips to steal the pot!

Timing is necessary to win at poker!

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The action at the tables has just started again. Blinds are now 400/800 with 100 in ante and there's 88 out of 139 players left on this Day 1A. 

There will be 10 levels of play and then the day is over.

Level: 9
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

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There is yet another break now in the tournament, this time the players have 20 minutes to stretch their legs and smoke a cigaret. We will update some chipcounts here in the break.

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A large pot just took place with Davide Biondo as the winner.

We come as the flop has just been dealt and the board shows Queen SpadesJack Spades8 Clubs

Biondo bets 1,800 into the pot and his opponent in MP calls.

Turn 2 Diamonds

Biondo bets out 3,700 and once again just gets a call from MP

River 9 Diamonds

Biondo now thinks a little while and ends up betting 12,700 into the pot. After 30 seconds of thinking time the opponent in MP calls and instantly mucks when he sees that Biondo has hit a fullhouse with his 9 HeartsJack Hearts

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We just saw Kanit and Losice play a large pot against each other.

We arrive at the table when the turn is shown the board is 9 Hearts8 Clubs6 HeartsJack Spades

The pot at this point is already at around 32,000, so Losice pushes in his last 16,000.

Kanit tanks for around 5 minutes, looking at his cards several times before he decides to make a call.

The cards are flipped over and Losice shows Ace DiamondsAce Spades, while Kanit shows 10 Hearts10 Spades and has plenty of outs as he can hit any queen, seven or ten to win the pot.

Unfortunately the river brings a 2 Spades and Losice wins the 64,000 pot,

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Poli Soriano, seated on a table full of Italians opened from UTG+1 at 1250, snapcalled from Middle Position ( Italian Player) and from BigBlind also.

The flop were : 2 Clubs4 ClubsAce Clubs and Soriano placed a bet of 2000 chips and both players folded their hands


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Tobias Sinding and Mark Vella has just been all-in preflop, though Sinding was the only one at risk for his tournament life.

Vella raised 1,500, Sinding reraised to 3,500, Vella again reraising to 10,600 and then all in for 11,000 by Sinding, which Vella calls.

Vella shows Ace HeartsKing Hearts and Sinding Shows Queen SpadesQueen Hearts

The board comes 4 Diamonds6 Spades3 Hearts8 Clubs10 Spades so no help for Vella and Sinding wins 22,000.

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Who would bust her? Maybe no one but someone is trying to.

Sofia Lovgren opend from UTG at 1200 and received a call from Alex in middle position.

The Flop showed: Jack Hearts9 Diamonds3 Clubs and Lovgren placed a continuation bet of 1100 receiving a call from Alex.


The turn is: 5 Spades The Swedish Poker player on UTG opted for a check and than call the bet of Alex for 2850.


The River Card is: 3 Diamonds that see both players check.


The showdown let Sofia Lovgren wins the pot of 10300 chips with 6 Diamonds6 Clubs  while his opponent muck his cards.


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...And we are down to 100 players out of 139 starting. It is going slightly faster now with the players busting out, due to the higher blinds.

Level: 8
Small blind: 300
Big blind: 600
Ante: 75

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We just had a little chat with our Italian colleagues, who told us that for our Italian visitors they have a liveblog similar to ours. If you are Italian and prefer to read the liveblog in Italian, then visit

Below you can see one of the video's they created today


Our next video interview is also coming to you very soon. Stay tuned!

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Level: 7
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50


We just saw a hand on Liccioli's table, where action is unfolding on the turn.

The board is 10 DiamondsJack Diamonds7 Diamonds7 Hearts

BB checks quickly and Liccioli bets 6,000 into the pot.

MP+1 calls the 6,000, but now BB wants to play and raises to 10,500. Liccioli calls, but MP+1 folds.

River is 5 Spades

BB checks and Liccioli checks behind.

Liccioli shows King SpadesJack Spades and wins the 30,000 pot.

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Poker is not only a hitting game as you sometimes have to bluff, but you need how to do it and Poli Soriano knows just that!

The Spanish poker player open sto 1250 from middle position and get called by CutOff.


The flop comes: King HeartsJack Hearts7 Spades

Soriano placed a continuation bet of 1750 and received a call from his opponent.


The turn is a Jack Spades and Soriano checked ( most probably he had already planned his bluff ), CutOff bets 2200 , Soriano raise to 5500 and received a call.

The river card is: 8 Spades Soriano moved allin for 12K, his opponent fold and The Spanish Player showed Queen Hearts10 Diamonds.

Soriano now have like 40K

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