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Nissim Saad's Comeback Story

Posted: , Level 24

The story of the final table must be Nissim Saad for now, as he managed a crazy comeback.

After getting crippled to just 3 Antes (!!) when he lost a preflop all in with KingQueen against a little bit shorter Roland Norietis' Ace9, he went all in blind for his remaining 10k and got up to 65k, as he had AceAce. He doubled up again a few hands later when he won with 108 against his opponent's Ace Spades8 Spades, hitting a 10 on the flop.

A short while later, he again doubled up when Remi Marloir put him all in with King Diamonds6 Diamonds. Nissim had 9 Clubs4 Clubs and once again he got lucky as the board ran: 5Jack DiamondsKingQueen Diamonds10.

And that's not all, as he almost doubled up again when he knocked out Ville Jantunen, as previously posted.

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
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