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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 26

Comeback man Nissim finished in third.

In the previous hand Tobias Sinding won a crucial pot against Roland Norietis. On a board of Ace Hearts9 Hearts63 Heartsthe money went in and Roland was drawing dead with his Ace Spades4 Spades against Tobias' Queen Hearts7 Hearts.

Tobias doubled to 3.9M in this hand and left Roland with 2 Big Blinds.


Yet it was not Roland, who finished in 3rd place but Nissim, who moved all in from the Button and got called by Tobias. Nissim's Ace9 was up against AceJack and could not improve.

Posted: , by , Level 26

Eliran pushes his short stack from the Button and gets called by the Big Blind Roland Norietis.

Eliran: Queen5

Roland: Queen9

No help for Eliran on the board and he is our 4th place finisher.

Posted: , by , Level 26

Players have agreed on a deal according to chip counts.

We will continue playing for an extra 2.000€ and the trophy for the winner.

Posted: , by , Level 26

Blinds are up and the remaining 4 players come back to the table.

They are currently discussing a deal, as chips are very even and blinds are relatively high.

Level: 26
Small blind: 40000
Big blind: 80000
Ante: 10000

Posted: , by , Level 25

Francesco Elefante is our 5th place finisher.

He moved all in from the Small Blind for 345k and got called by chipleader Roland Norietis.

Francesco: Ace10

Roland: 98

The board ran out: QueenJack7910 and with the river straight Roland knocks out Francesco.

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Konrad Abela just got knocked out.

He moved all in from the button with King9 and the Big Blind Eliran Zipati called with AceJack.

Board ran out: 9Ace347 and Konrad was eliminated in 6th place for 4.120€.

Posted: , by , Level 25

Remi moved all in from the Cut Off for his remaining 360k, Mr Comeback Nissim Saad moved all in over the top. Big Blind got out of the way and we had a showdown:

Remi: 7 Spades6 Spades

Nissim: AceKing

Board came: Jack359King and the long time chipleader Remi got eliminated in 7th place for 3.110€.

Nissim now has 940k, after being down before to just 15k.

Level: 25
Small blind: 30000
Big blind: 60000
Ante: 5000

Posted: , by , Level 24

The story of the final table must be Nissim Saad for now, as he managed a crazy comeback.

After getting crippled to just 3 Antes (!!) when he lost a preflop all in with KingQueen against a little bit shorter Roland Norietis' Ace9, he went all in blind for his remaining 10k and got up to 65k, as he had AceAce. He doubled up again a few hands later when he won with 108 against his opponent's Ace Spades8 Spades, hitting a 10 on the flop.

A short while later, he again doubled up when Remi Marloir put him all in with King Diamonds6 Diamonds. Nissim had 9 Clubs4 Clubs and once again he got lucky as the board ran: 5Jack DiamondsKingQueen Diamonds10.

And that's not all, as he almost doubled up again when he knocked out Ville Jantunen, as previously posted.

Posted: , by , Level 24

Ville Jantunen moved his remaining 205k all in and Nissim Saad (who had a crazy comeback from just 3 Antes, more to follow), moved all in over the top.

Ville: 55

Nissim: QueenQueen

Ville needed to hit one of his two outs, but the board blanked out: 732Jack10 and the Finnish player gets eliminated in 8th place for 2.550€.

Level: 24
Small blind: 20000
Big blind: 40000
Ante: 5000
Level: 23
Small blind: 15000
Big blind: 30000
Ante: 3000

Posted: , by , Level 22

The first player has been elimanted and it is the Italian Christian Suma ,who started the final table in 4th.

In his last hand all the money went all in preflop and it was a cooler:

Christian Suma: AceAce

Eliran Zipati: QueenQueen

The board ran: 5446Queen and a cruel river knocked Christian out of the tournament.

Posted: , by , Level 22

Hello and welcome to the final day of the Israeli Poker Championship.

The Final Table is set and we are about to start it.

Here is the final table:

Seat 1: Remi Marlair          1.146.000

Seat 2: Eliran Zipati             513.000

Seat 3: Nissim Saad             250.000

Seat 4: Francesco Elefante   569.000

Seat 5: Roland Norietis         452.000

Seat 6: Konrad Abela           722.000

Seat 7: Tobias Sinding          721.000

Seat 8: Ville Jantunen           337.000

Seat 9: Christian Suma          621.000


We will play another 34 minutes of Level 22.

Good luck to all, shuffle up and deal!