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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 14

Eyal Eshkar seems to do well once again in a IPC main event. I was told he already won 3 previous main events, a PLO event and a highroller.

In this hand he raised from Middle Position and gets 3-bet by the Small Blind. Eyal calls.

Flop is: Queen Clubs6 Clubs4 Spades, Small Blind bets 11.6k, Eyal calls.

Turn is the: 10 Diamonds and this time the SB decides to shove all in for a total of 57.7k. Eyal takes for a few minutes, before deciding to call.


SB: Jack Clubs9 Clubs

Eyal: 88

Eyal was ahead but needed to dodge a lot of river cards, as any Clubs,8,9,Jack,King would give his opponent the better hand. A total of 16 outs.

The river brought a blank and Eyal won this big pot with a very good and tough call.

He is now one of the chipleaders with around 250k.


Level: 14
Small blind: 1200
Big blind: 2400
Ante: 300

Posted: , by , Level 13

Bart just came by and told me he got knocked out. After one or two of his bluffs got caught, he was down to 44k.

In his last hand, there was a raise to 4k and a call and Bart decided to commit all his remaining stack. Unfortunately for him, his KingQueen ran into KingKing and he didn't manage to suck out.

Posted: , by , Level 13

Remi Marloir almost had to pay for what was supposed to be a joke.

In this hand a player raised from Middle Position and the Button moved all in for a little over 20k. Remi was in the Big Blind and grabbed a big pile of his yellow 5k-valued chips and made a little movement forward with them, just to smile and fold. In some tournaments his movement forward would have declared as a reraise but this time he got away with it.

The Middle Position raiser called the all in and his AceJack won the race against his opponent's 88.

Level: 13
Small blind: 1000
Big blind: 2000
Ante: 200

Posted: , by , Level 12

Remi Marlair started the day second in chips with over 140k but now he is sitting with around 250k after he won a huge pot.

Remi raised in the hand from the Cut Off to 3.3k and got 3-bet by the Small Blind to 7.8k. Remi called.

Flop: 3 Diamonds9 Clubs3 Spades. SB continuation bets 11k. Call.

Turn: 2 Spades. SB bets 15k, Remi makes it 38k. Call.

River: 7 Diamonds. SB checks and Remi bets 35k, SB tank/calls.

Remi showed 5 Clubs3 Clubs for the flopped trips, which was good to take down the big pot.


Posted: , by , Level 12

I came to the table when the River was already dealt.

The Board showed: 565King4 when the headsup action really started. It was the Big Blind that lead out for 6k, Karl made it 22k, BB put Karl all in, Karl called.

Big Blind: 8 Diamonds5 Diamonds for trip 5's, but it was no good against the rivered straight of

Karl: 87.

Karl is now playing with a very good stack of 110k.


Level: 12
Small blind: 800
Big blind: 1600
Ante: 200

Posted: , by , Level 11

Players seem to have come to play as we've already lost 10 players in 30 minutes.

I followed two double ups.

At table 7 Moritz raised from Middle Position and both Blinds called.

Flop was 10 Clubs5 Clubs3 Spades and the Small Blind lead out for 3.2k, Big Blind called, Moritz went out of the way.

Turn: 7 Diamonds This time the Small Blind lead out for 7.3k and got raised to 19.3k which he called.

River: 8 Diamonds Small Blind checked and Big Blind moved all in for his remaining 12.6k, which got quickly called.

The Big Blind showed 64 for the turned straight, which was good for the double up.


At Chris Kiefer's table, we saw a rather short stacked player raise to 2.5k UTG+1, Button and Small Blind called and Chris made it 8.4k from the Big Blind. UTG+1 moved all in for a total of 14.5k, Button and SB folded, Chris called.

Chris: 99

UTG+1: AceQueen

We had a classic race, unfortunately for Chris, the board ran: 2KingQueen102 and the short stack more than doubled up.

chris table

Posted: , by , Level 11

Day 2 started with 92 players remaining. 32 of them will finish in the money.

day 2

Level: 11
Small blind: 600
Big blind: 1200
Ante: 100