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Lots of Action at the Start of Day 2

Posted: , Level 11

Players seem to have come to play as we've already lost 10 players in 30 minutes.

I followed two double ups.

At table 7 Moritz raised from Middle Position and both Blinds called.

Flop was 10 Clubs5 Clubs3 Spades and the Small Blind lead out for 3.2k, Big Blind called, Moritz went out of the way.

Turn: 7 Diamonds This time the Small Blind lead out for 7.3k and got raised to 19.3k which he called.

River: 8 Diamonds Small Blind checked and Big Blind moved all in for his remaining 12.6k, which got quickly called.

The Big Blind showed 64 for the turned straight, which was good for the double up.


At Chris Kiefer's table, we saw a rather short stacked player raise to 2.5k UTG+1, Button and Small Blind called and Chris made it 8.4k from the Big Blind. UTG+1 moved all in for a total of 14.5k, Button and SB folded, Chris called.

Chris: 99

UTG+1: AceQueen

We had a classic race, unfortunately for Chris, the board ran: 2KingQueen102 and the short stack more than doubled up.

chris table

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
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