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Big Pot and Big Call from The Triple Champion

Posted: , Level 14

Eyal Eshkar seems to do well once again in a IPC main event. I was told he already won 3 previous main events, a PLO event and a highroller.

In this hand he raised from Middle Position and gets 3-bet by the Small Blind. Eyal calls.

Flop is: Queen Clubs6 Clubs4 Spades, Small Blind bets 11.6k, Eyal calls.

Turn is the: 10 Diamonds and this time the SB decides to shove all in for a total of 57.7k. Eyal takes for a few minutes, before deciding to call.


SB: Jack Clubs9 Clubs

Eyal: 88

Eyal was ahead but needed to dodge a lot of river cards, as any Clubs,8,9,Jack,King would give his opponent the better hand. A total of 16 outs.

The river brought a blank and Eyal won this big pot with a very good and tough call.

He is now one of the chipleaders with around 250k.


Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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