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Back to Back Bad Beat

Posted: , Level 16

We lost one of our players at table 3 in just two hands.

In the first hand the board ran: King772 when the Small Blind checked to the initial Raiser in the Cut Off. He made 22k and the Small Blind check/raised all in for 56k. After some thinking the Cut Off decides to call and he was way ahead with his King2 against the Small Blind's 44.

Unfortunately for him the river brought the brutal two outer: 4.


The very next hand the player that just received the bad beat raised to 8k, got a call from the Small Blind and the Big Blind made it 22k. Mr. Bad Beat went all in for 51k, SB got out of the way and the Big Blind called.

Mr. Bad Beat: KingKing

Big Blind: Ace Spades10 Spades

Flop and Turn looked good for Mr. Bad Beat but unfortunately the Ace hit the River and he was knocked out in a brutal way.

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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