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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 22

Victor Olinger is our final table bubble boy.

First he gets crippled with his 55, when he loses a preflop all in against his opponent'sKingKing. The very next hand Victor gets his remaining 2 Big Blinds in with 97 and lost again to the same opponent, that got back to back KingKing.


We will be back tomorrow at 2pm for the final table and find out who will go home with the first price money of 20.000€.

Until then, thank you for following and see you tomorrow! Goodnight!

end of day 2

Posted: , by , Level 22

We are now playing the last level of the day. There are 10 remaining, we either play until we reach the final 9, or until the end of the level, whichever comes first.

In short time we will know our final table. Stay tuned.

Level: 22
Small blind: 10000
Big blind: 20000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 21

There's too much action to cover everything at the moment, as players aren't scared to get their chips in, so I will just summarize the last 3 bust outs.

Eli Zur commited his short stack with Queen10, but he was up against AceQueen and couldn't win. He finished in 13th (1560€).


Renzo Bonnici moved all in for his last 113k and lost with his Ace SpadesKing Spades against his opponents QueenQueen. He finished in 12th place (1560€).


The unfortunate 11th place (1560€) goes to one of the remaininng favourites Eyal Eshkar.

He raised to 32k from the SB, the Big Blind Tobias Sinding called.

Flop: 8 Diamonds5 Spades7 Diamonds. Eyal bet 33k, which got called by Tobias.

Turn: 10 Spades. Eyal check/called a bet of 57k.

River: 7 Spades. Eyal check/tank-calls all in and had to see that his Jack Diamonds10 Diamonds got outdrawn on the river against Tobias' King7.

Posted: , by , Level 21

Blinds are up. There are still 14 players in the tournament.

In the meantime Eyal Eshkar managed to double up Button versus Big Blind with Ace Diamonds5 Diamonds against 10 Clubs8 Clubs. He now sits with over 300k.

Level: 21
Small blind: 8000
Big blind: 16000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 20

Remi Merloir is the new chipleader with 14 players left.

He's been pretty active throughout the tournament and took down lots of smaller pots.

One of the bigger pots was when he opened raised from the Cutoff to 26k, Button flat calls, SB folds and the Big Blind moves all in for 53k. Both Remi and the Button called.

The Board comes: AceKing552 and it gets checked to the river, when Remi lead out for 30k, Button folded and Remi tables AceAce and knocks out Jeremy Perici in 15th place.


Level: 20
Small blind: 6000
Big blind: 12000
Ante: 1000

Posted: , by , Level 19

He has been one of the short stacks for the last few hours, on the first hand he got it all in with Ace10 versus his opponents Queen6 for his remaining 30k.

After the flop he was almost dead, as it brought: QueenQueen10, but VERY fortunately for him the Turn AND the river brought each an Ace.

A few hands later, he got moved to a new table, where he managed to double up again with his QueenQueen versus his opponent's Ace10 and he back alive in the tournament with a stack of ~160k.

Level: 19
Small blind: 4000
Big blind: 8000
Ante: 1000

Posted: , by , Level 18

After quite a long hand-for-hand phase, we eventually found our bubble boy.

And he got pretty unlucky, as he got it in good for around 80k with QueenQueen against his opponents KingQueen. Unfortunately a King hit on the flop and he was knocked out.

We are now playing another 15 minutes of Level 18, before players go on a break.

Level: 18
Small blind: 3000
Big blind: 6000
Ante: 500

Posted: , by , Level 17

We are now in hand-for-hand mode as we've reached 33 players. I will keep you with the last bustouts and hands, once the bubble bursts.

Level: 17
Small blind: 2500
Big blind: 5000
Ante: 500

Posted: , by , Level 16

We lost one of our players at table 3 in just two hands.

In the first hand the board ran: King772 when the Small Blind checked to the initial Raiser in the Cut Off. He made 22k and the Small Blind check/raised all in for 56k. After some thinking the Cut Off decides to call and he was way ahead with his King2 against the Small Blind's 44.

Unfortunately for him the river brought the brutal two outer: 4.


The very next hand the player that just received the bad beat raised to 8k, got a call from the Small Blind and the Big Blind made it 22k. Mr. Bad Beat went all in for 51k, SB got out of the way and the Big Blind called.

Mr. Bad Beat: KingKing

Big Blind: Ace Spades10 Spades

Flop and Turn looked good for Mr. Bad Beat but unfortunately the Ace hit the River and he was knocked out in a brutal way.

Posted: , by , Level 16

Here are the results from yesterday's 200€ Pot Limit Omaha Side Event:

  1. Zurr Shal      2.800€
  2. Hirsch Avi     1.665€
  3. Smith Marti   1.135€
  4. Shlomi Biz       830€
  5. Hayun Kfir       600€
  6. Sarusi Ilan       530€

It's already the third time that Zurr Shal has won the PLO Side Event.

Posted: , by , Level 16

Two hours ago the 300€ NLHE Super Side Event started with turn up of 46 entries. 15 of them have already been knocked out. We will post results, as soon as available.

super side1

super side2

Level: 16
Small blind: 2000
Big blind: 4000
Ante: 500

Posted: , by , Level 15

43 players remaining and they are now having a 45-minutes dinner break. 9 players to go before we reach the money and there are plenty of short stacks, so the next few levels should be interesting.

dinner break

Posted: , by , Level 15

It has been a good day so far for Karl Magnusson, as he just doubled up again.

He raised from the Cut Off to 6k and got a call from the Button, Blinds folded.

Flop: 732. Karl continuation bets 9.8k, Call.

Turn: 10. Karl continues his aggression with a bet of 18.2k and got another call.

River: 4. This time Karl decides to risk it all and shoved for 67k and got a snap call.

He wasn't happy when he got called so quickly but surpringly his Ace7 won him the pot, as his opponent only had 55.

Karl is up to 180k.

Level: 15
Small blind: 1500
Big blind: 3000
Ante: 300