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Table 6 with some Late Night Action

Posted: , Level 10

The table where the 'donkey' sits, keeps being interesting, as nobody really has a big stack but still no one plays too tight.

Our 'donkey' unfortunately lost a large portion of his chips losing on an Ace high board to a flopped and slow played top set. A few hands later he doubles up another player, when he hits top pair on Ten high flop with two clubs. He puts his opponent all in and he decides to call with his King high flush draw. The turn blanks but the river brings another club.

A couple hands later 'donkey' doubles when his JackJack held up against Ace8. But with around 15k he still has a lot of work to come back. Fortunately he never loses his smile, with or without chips.

Same goes for the short stack of the day, who requested a picture as a reward. That's the spirit!


Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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