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Picture Please?

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I was following the action at table 9, when a the most active player of the table asked me to take a picture with his stack. This time I was not bad karma, as he sat out the hand but there was still a big pot brewing.

UTG raised to 1.5k and gets a call from the Cut Off, Button and Big Blind.

The flop is 3 Clubs9 Clubs5 Spades and it gets to the Button who leads out for 5k, only to see 3 calls.

The turn was the 6 Hearts and again it got checked to the Button, who decided to risk all his chips and moved all in for 14.7k, he got 3 folds but the player in the Cut Off eventually decided to call.

Cards were revealed:

Cut Off: Jack Clubs2 Clubs

Button: 8 Spades6 Spades

The river blanked and the player on the button almost tripled up, with solely a pair of sixes.


Before this hand happened I was told that the player asking for a picture recently doubled up with KingKing versus KingKing,, getting it in after the flop and hitting runner runner Flush cards. He has a solid stack of 65k which is around double the average.

picture man 2

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
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