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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 2

With 88 entries today and the 144 from yesterday, we already have reached a new record-breaking number of 232 entries. With the previous record of 221, we already easily passed that number and we still have almost 5 levels to late register or re-enter.

Level: 2
Small blind: 75
Big blind: 150
Ante: -

Posted: , by , Level 1

We have found our first victim.

It all happened at table 3 when a player raised from Early Position and got a call from the Button.

The Flop came King93, followed by a continuation bet and a call.

The Turn was a 10 and that's where the betting war began, all the money went in eventually.

EP raiser: AceKing for Top Pair, Top Kicker but he was drawing dead against the turned nuts of the Button: QueenJack.

Posted: , by , Level 1

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of Day 1B of the Israeli Poker Championship.

After a whopping 144 players yesterday, we are hoping for a similar turnout as many locals will most likely show up today.

At the start of level 1 we have 54 entries with more players expected to buy in or re-entry through to level 6.