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Bad Karma?

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A player at table 8 asked me to take a picture of him. But apparently I wasn't good karma for him as during that hand he got involved in a pot where one player limped from Early Position and he (I don't know his name, let's call him Picture man) made it 1350, Big Blind called, limper called.

Flop is: Queen Clubs8 Clubs5 Clubs and the initial limper moves all in for his remaining 8k. Picture man thought for a bit before calling, BB got out of the way.

Cards were revealed:

Limper: Queen SpadesJack Clubs

Picture man: Ace Clubs7 Hearts

Picture man needed any ace or club, but turn and river blanked and the limper doubled up.

On the positive side, he earned an entry with his picture.

Picture man

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
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