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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 10

The last three hands have been dealt and we reached the end of Day 1B. 47 out of 122 managed to pass through the day and will return tomorrow to join the 45 players from Day 1A.

We will be back tomorrow at 3pm with the field getting closing to the top 32 and the money spots.

For now thank you for following and I hope to see you tomorrow again.

Goodnight from the Portomaso Casino.

Posted: , by , Level 10

The table where the 'donkey' sits, keeps being interesting, as nobody really has a big stack but still no one plays too tight.

Our 'donkey' unfortunately lost a large portion of his chips losing on an Ace high board to a flopped and slow played top set. A few hands later he doubles up another player, when he hits top pair on Ten high flop with two clubs. He puts his opponent all in and he decides to call with his King high flush draw. The turn blanks but the river brings another club.

A couple hands later 'donkey' doubles when his JackJack held up against Ace8. But with around 15k he still has a lot of work to come back. Fortunately he never loses his smile, with or without chips.

Same goes for the short stack of the day, who requested a picture as a reward. That's the spirit!


Level: 10
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 9

When I came to the table, 2 players were all in and called by the biggest of the 3 stacks.

Shortest Stack: Ace9

Player 2 (around 30k): Ace7

Biggest Stack: JackJack

The Board ran out: Ace10252 and the two short stacks splitted the main pot, while player 2 won the side pot to get up close to 60k.

Afterwards the player who lost the hand, called Player 2 a donkey and kept on swearing in a language we did not understand. Player 2 took it well and answered with a 'Ihhh-Ahhh'.


Posted: , by , Level 9

One of the biggest stacks in the room, just got another nice pot.

Early position raised to 1700, Big Stack calls on the button, Blinds fold.

Flop: Ace Spades5 Hearts4 Clubs EP continuation bets 2600. Call.

Turn: 2 Clubs This time EP decided to check/raise from 3800 to 12k. Button tank calls.

River: 8 Hearts And EP moved all in for around 18k. Snap call.

Hands were revealed:

EP: AceKing which was no good against the turned straight of the

Big Stack: Queen Diamonds3 Diamonds

He now sits with well over 100k in chips and is definately one of the chipleaders, if not the chipleader.



Level: 9
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 8

You now can find the payout structure under Payouts.

The PL Omaha event will have the following payout structure:

1. 2800€

2. 1665€

3. 1135€

4. 830€

5. 600€

6. 530€

At the moment there are 14 out of the initial 43 entries left.

Posted: , by , Level 8

Blinds are up and there are 73 players left.

32 players will be paid with the winner receiving a cool 20.000€.

Once I have the complete pay out structure I will post it.

level 8

Level: 8
Small blind: 300
Big blind: 600
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 7

I was following the action at table 9, when a the most active player of the table asked me to take a picture with his stack. This time I was not bad karma, as he sat out the hand but there was still a big pot brewing.

UTG raised to 1.5k and gets a call from the Cut Off, Button and Big Blind.

The flop is 3 Clubs9 Clubs5 Spades and it gets to the Button who leads out for 5k, only to see 3 calls.

The turn was the 6 Hearts and again it got checked to the Button, who decided to risk all his chips and moved all in for 14.7k, he got 3 folds but the player in the Cut Off eventually decided to call.

Cards were revealed:

Cut Off: Jack Clubs2 Clubs

Button: 8 Spades6 Spades

The river blanked and the player on the button almost tripled up, with solely a pair of sixes.


Before this hand happened I was told that the player asking for a picture recently doubled up with KingKing versus KingKing,, getting it in after the flop and hitting runner runner Flush cards. He has a solid stack of 65k which is around double the average.

picture man 2

Posted: , by , Level 7

Blinds are up and registration is officially closed.

Clock shows 122 registered players for day 1B, which makes a total of 266, if you include the 144 from yesterday. Prize pool is 93.632€, Once the payout structure is out, I will let you know.

level 7

Level: 7
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 6

A player at table 8 asked me to take a picture of him. But apparently I wasn't good karma for him as during that hand he got involved in a pot where one player limped from Early Position and he (I don't know his name, let's call him Picture man) made it 1350, Big Blind called, limper called.

Flop is: Queen Clubs8 Clubs5 Clubs and the initial limper moves all in for his remaining 8k. Picture man thought for a bit before calling, BB got out of the way.

Cards were revealed:

Limper: Queen SpadesJack Clubs

Picture man: Ace Clubs7 Hearts

Picture man needed any ace or club, but turn and river blanked and the limper doubled up.

On the positive side, he earned an entry with his picture.

Picture man

Posted: , by , Level 6

All players return from dinner break and will play level 6 together, which is also the last level to late register or do a re-entry.

In 45 minutes we will have the final numbers and the prize pool.

91/119 players remaining.

day 1b

level 6

Level: 6
Small blind: 200
Big blind: 400
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 5

Table 3 seems to be one of the more active tables so far, since it not only had the first bustout of the day but also the following hand.

There is a raise-war between 3 players with 2 of them eventually ending up getting all in for a close to 60k pot:

Player 1: AceKing

Player 2: JackJack

Player 3 claimed he had also folded AceKing, which was no good news for Player 1 as he had less two outs. But fortunately for him the board brought another Ace and King and he took down that big pot with top two pairs.

Posted: , by , Level 5

Tables 7-11 go on a 45-minutes break, while the remaining keep on playing level 5, just to switch roles in 45 minutes.

We are getting closer to yesterday's number of entries with 91/109 players remaining.

level 5

Level: 5
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: 25

Posted: , by , Level 4

Blinds are up. This will be the last 30-minutes level, as from level 5 on, we will play 45-minutes blinds.

We have passed the 100-players mark for today. 96/103 left.

level 4

Level: 4
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: -

Posted: , by , Level 3

Since action seems relatively slow compared to yesterday, most likely because players only can re-enter one time today and don't get another chance tomorrow, we have the chance to show you a picture of every current table in play.

These are tables 1 to 5 in the according order:

table 1

table 2

table 3

table 4

table 5

Posted: , by , Level 3

Blinds are up and so is the number of entries. We are getting close to the 100-mark, as we've reached 98, 3 of them have been knocked out.

level 3

Level: 3
Small blind: 100
Big blind: 200
Ante: -