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Solid Start for Chris Kiefert

Posted: , Level 7

Chris Kiefert decided to late register at level 5 and so far it seems to go well for him.

One of his key hands was, when he isolated an early limper from the button with 98 by raising to 1200, which was called by the limper.

The flop came 9 Hearts4 Hearts4 Spades. Chris continuation bets 1200 and gets a big raise to 6k, which he decides to call.

The turn is an 8 and initial limper leads out for 7k, Chris has a total of 15k left and shoves all in. He gets called by 8 Hearts7 Hearts. River is a blank and Chris doubles up. He's now sitting with a good 50k in chips with an average of 34k.

Chris Kiefert

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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