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Bart Kuiper Doubles Up in a Massive Pot

Posted: , Level 8

Bart Kuiper keeps getting involved in big pots.

In this hand Chris Kiefert opens UTG to 1350, UTG+1 calls, CU calls and Bart makes it 5350 on the Button. He only gets one call from UTG+1.

The Flop comes 5 Spades2 Clubs4 Diamonds, Bart continues his aggression for 3700 but gets raised to 13k, after a bit of a surprised look on his face, he decided to call.

The Turn brings the 5 Diamonds and UTG+1 moves all in. Bart snap calls and shows Queen5 which was behind against his opponent's 44. But fortunately for Bart, the river brings him with a Queen a higher full house and he doubles to almost 90k in chips, which gives him almost double the current average.


Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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