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Bart Keeps Cruising

Posted: , Level 9

Bart Kuiper is now up 125k after he cracked aces stacking another opponent.

He told me the action was the following:

Someone raised early to 1500, Bart flatted with Queen ClubsJack Clubs and the SB made it 4500, only Bart called and the flop was King Clubs94. SB continuation bets small for 3800, Bart calls with his gutshot straight draw and backdoor flush draw.

Turn brings another Clubs. Again the SB makes a small bet of a little over 5k, Bart calls. The river pairs the board with the 9 Clubs and brings the backdoor flush for Bart. The SB checks to him and Bart decides to overbet all in for around 1.4x the pot. His opponents calls and shows AceAce and gets rivered out of the tournament.


Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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