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Israeli Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 10

Day 1 is over. 45 players made it through to day 2. I will post chip counts as soon as possible.

Tomorrow we will return to Day 1B and hoping for a similar good turnout as today.

Goodnight and thanks for following.

Posted: , by , Level 10

It seems like game has slowed down a bit the last two levels of the day. Maybe players are getting tired and just want to make it to day 2, after a long day of surviving.

slow down

Level: 10
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 9

Bart Kuiper is now up 125k after he cracked aces stacking another opponent.

He told me the action was the following:

Someone raised early to 1500, Bart flatted with Queen ClubsJack Clubs and the SB made it 4500, only Bart called and the flop was King Clubs94. SB continuation bets small for 3800, Bart calls with his gutshot straight draw and backdoor flush draw.

Turn brings another Clubs. Again the SB makes a small bet of a little over 5k, Bart calls. The river pairs the board with the 9 Clubs and brings the backdoor flush for Bart. The SB checks to him and Bart decides to overbet all in for around 1.4x the pot. His opponents calls and shows AceAce and gets rivered out of the tournament.


Level: 9
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 8

Players are on a 15-minute break. Dealers are taking out the 25 valued chips as the ante will be 100 when we come back. 65 of the initial 144 player remain in the tournament, which means an average of 44.3k and therefore around 55 Big Blinds in the upcoming level.

level 9

Posted: , by , Level 8

Bart Kuiper keeps getting involved in big pots.

In this hand Chris Kiefert opens UTG to 1350, UTG+1 calls, CU calls and Bart makes it 5350 on the Button. He only gets one call from UTG+1.

The Flop comes 5 Spades2 Clubs4 Diamonds, Bart continues his aggression for 3700 but gets raised to 13k, after a bit of a surprised look on his face, he decided to call.

The Turn brings the 5 Diamonds and UTG+1 moves all in. Bart snap calls and shows Queen5 which was behind against his opponent's 44. But fortunately for Bart, the river brings him with a Queen a higher full house and he doubles to almost 90k in chips, which gives him almost double the current average.


Posted: , by , Level 8

Level 8 just started and it's getting more serious as players are getting knocked out quicker by now. Almost half of the field has been knocked out as only 81/144 are left.

level 8

Level: 8
Small blind: 300
Big blind: 600
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 7

Chris Kiefert decided to late register at level 5 and so far it seems to go well for him.

One of his key hands was, when he isolated an early limper from the button with 98 by raising to 1200, which was called by the limper.

The flop came 9 Hearts4 Hearts4 Spades. Chris continuation bets 1200 and gets a big raise to 6k, which he decides to call.

The turn is an 8 and initial limper leads out for 7k, Chris has a total of 15k left and shoves all in. He gets called by 8 Hearts7 Hearts. River is a blank and Chris doubles up. He's now sitting with a good 50k in chips with an average of 34k.

Chris Kiefert

Posted: , by , Level 7

Bart told me that his rollercoaster seems to continue throughout the day. He got down to 16k, he went up to over 50k and at the moment he's sitting there with 36k.

One key hand how he got chips back was the following:

UTG limps, he isolates raises to 2k and gets 2 callers.

Flop is: 883 and Bart makes a continuation bet of 3k and gets one caller.

The turn gets checked around as it shows King.

The river is another King and Bart check/calls a river bet. His opponent showed 77, which was no good against Bart's QueenQueen.

Posted: , by , Level 7

Tom Light is no more after a massive clash in the following hand:

Tom opens to 2k, he gets a reraise to 7k from a later position, Tom calls.

Flop is: 9 Clubs10 ClubsJack Clubs

Later Position checks and Tom puts him all in, for an effictive 50k. LP decides to call with Ace ClubsKing and he was right to do as Tom only had Ace8, the turn brought a Queen and the river blanked out and Tom was super short.

A few hands later he got his remaining chips all in with 76 and lost to his opponent's AceQueen.

Posted: , by , Level 7

Level 7 just started. Registration is closed and we have a whopping 144 players (including re-entries). 101 of them are still alive in the tournament.


level 7

Level: 7
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 6

As mentioned before, table 6 seems the most active table and a big part of this action is taken by Tom Light, who also seems to be one of the chipleaders. He is involved in a lot of pots and wins quite a few of them, with or without the best hand.

On a 4-way limped pot the Big Blind decides to make it 1600 and gets two calls, one of them from Tom. The flop King83, BB checks and Tom takes the initiative by betting 2.400 and gets two folds. He shows 102 as a total bluff.

Tom Light

Level: 6
Small blind: 200
Big blind: 400
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 5

Tables 8-15 finished Level 5 and are now heading to their well deserved dinner break, while tables 1-7 will play Level 5 for 45 minutes. 121/139 remaining.

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While half of the field is enjoying the dinner break, the others are still playing.

In this hand we got some preflop action, when UTG+1 opened to 800, MP 3-bet to 2.1k, just to see the Button 4-bet to 4.1k. The initial raiser folded but the MP decided to 5-bet to 11.1k, the player on the Button rather quickly decided to fold and showed AceKing. It turned out to be a good decision as MP flashed his Pocket Aces.

Posted: , by , Level 5

While table 1-7 go on a dinner break, the remaining tables continue playing. We're now switching to 45-minutes blinds, 120/134 remaining with a current prize pool of almost 50.000€.

Level: 5
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: 25

Posted: , by , Level 4

Table 6 seems to be the most active so far, as we've seen multiple knockouts.

The latest hand I've followed involved the Button and the Small Blind.

The board ran 10 DiamondsJack Spades9 SpadesJack HeartsQueen Spades when the SB decided to bet 3k into a pot of circa 7k but the button raised to 10k. SB tanked/folded and showed Queen Diamonds9 Diamonds, the button just showed the King Diamonds, which alone was good enough.

Posted: , by , Level 4

It has been quite a rollercoaster day for Bart Kuiper so far.

First he loses half of his stack while trying to bluff 3 streets with A high, on a board of

55 Clubs27 Clubs10 Clubs, where his opponent tank/calls with 6 Clubs3 Clubs.

Then he wins a smaller pot with Ace DiamondsJack Diamonds on an Ace high board, before eventually doubling to pretty much where he started with by calling down an opponent with QueenJack suited on a Queen high board. His opponent ironically tried to bluff him with Ace high.