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Israeli Poker Championship

Posted: , by , Level 22

Avi Avitan limped UTG, Omri made it 42k, Yossi Kahlon called on the button and Avi called too.

The flop came: King Hearts 9 6 Hearts and Omri moved all in for 164k, Yossi called and Avi folded.

The card were revealed:

Yossi: Ace Spades King Spades

Omri: Queen Hearts Jack Hearts

Omri needed a Hearts or a 10 to win the pot.

The turn was an Ace and the river brought the Ace Hearts. Both players celebrated, as Omri didn't realise that his opponent just had made a full house. Omri will take home 1705€ for his 8th place finish.

Level: 22
Small blind: 8000
Big blind: 16000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 21

We have lost our first player of the final table.

Alexis started 4th in chips into the last day but in the first hand he lost a big pot on a Ace 7 4 2 9 board with a set against Avi Avitan's 5 3.

Being crippled, he moved all in a few hands later for 86k and was called by Yossi Kahlon.

The frenchman held Ace Hearts 5 Hearts and Yossi 2 2. The smallest of pairs won the race for Yossi and Alexis had to leave the tournament dissapointed

Posted: , by , Level 21

Welcome back to the coverage of the final table of the Israeli Poker Championship main event. 9 players returned today and we will play until we have found our champion, who will collect the trophy and 12.000€.

There is 18 minutes left in level 21.