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Israeli Poker Championship

Posted: , by , Level 29

After a long headsup battle Roy Mushroom is our happy winner of the IPC main event.

This is all from me for now, I hope you enjoyed the coverage and I hope to see you soon.

Thank you for following and have a good evening!

Posted: , by , Level 29

We have found our winner.

Yossi limped from the button and Roy checked.

The flop was: 2 Hearts 3 Hearts Jack and it went check/check.

On the turn 8 Hearts, Roy checked/raised all in Yossi's more than pot sized bet and after some thinking he called.

Yossi: Ace Hearts 10

Roy: 8 2

Yossi needed a Hearts on the  river but it blanked. Roy had him slightly covered and we have found our winner!

Level: 29
Small blind: 50000
Big blind: 100000
Ante: -

Posted: , by , Level 28

Yes, we are still playing headsup. The reason why I'm so quiet is that nothing is happening. We haven't had one showdown in this level.

Level: 28
Small blind: 40000
Big blind: 80000
Ante: -

Posted: , by , Level 27

Roy went into headsup as a 3 to 1 underdog in chips, but he got a double up in the second hand of headsup, when both players got their chips in preflop.

Roy had 6 6 and was a big favourite against Yossi's 2 2. No help for Yossi on the board and they both have almost equal stacks.

A few hands later the chips got in again, this time Roy got lucky when he got a split pot with his Ace 5 against Yossi's Ace Jack on a Queen Queen 7 7 4 board.


Posted: , by , Level 27

We are headsup!

Avi started the hand by raising his button to 120k and got called by the big blind Yossi Kahlon.

The flop came:

Jack 4 2 and Yossi lead out for 180k, which was called.

The turn King went check/check.

The river was a 9 and this time it went check/all in. After some thinking Yossi called with Ace Jack, which was good against Avi's bluff with Ace 3. He had him slightly covered and we are down to two players.

Level: 27
Small blind: 30000
Big blind: 60000
Ante: 5000

Posted: , by , Level 26

After a long time of playing we have lost another player.

Eugenio moved all in from the button and got called by the big blind Avi Avitan.

Eugenio: King Jack

Avi: 7 7

The board ran: 10 8 Ace 3 Ace and Eugenio was knocked out.

The Italian wins 4065€.


Posted: , by , Level 26

Blinds are up and we still are 4 handed.

There is no big chipleader or short stacks, so even if blinds are high compared to the stacks, this could still take a while.

Level: 26
Small blind: 20000
Big blind: 40000
Ante: 5000

Posted: , by , Level 25

Eugenio Verde moved all in for his remaining 327k and got called by Avi Avitan.

Eugenio: King Queen

Avi: Ace Spades King Spades

Eugenio was in trouble, but fortunately for him, he hit a Queen on the flop and both turn and river blanked out.

Posted: , by , Level 25

Blinds are up and we are still 4 handed. Average is at at 21 Big Blinds now, so we should see at least one player getting eliminated within this level.

Level: 25
Small blind: 15000
Big blind: 30000
Ante: 3000

Posted: , by , Level 24

After a super fast start, action slowed down a lot. There are a lot open raise/folds at the moment and rarely an all in, as players are relatively deep. Roy Mushroom is still the chipleader with around one million in chips.

Posted: , by , Level 24

After a short break, the four remaining player return to their seats. Chips are quite even, with our one-time chipleader Avi Avitan being the short stack with around 450k.

Chipleader is Roy Mushroom with around 850k.


Level: 24
Small blind: 12000
Big blind: 24000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 23

Eugenio raised to 40k, Avi called from the Small Blind and Roy moved all in for 310k. Eugenio folded and Avi tank-called.

We had a coinflip with Roy holding 8 8 against Avi's Ace 9.

No Ace or 9 on the board and Roy got a double up.

After that he won a few more hand and is now the chipleader with almost 900k.

Level: 23
Small blind: 10000
Big blind: 20000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 22

We had our 5th elimination in less than an hour. This time it is Sharon and it was a bit of a deja vu, as he got knocked out with 2 2 against Avi Avitan.

However, this time Avi held Ace Clubs 3 Clubs and hit two aces in the flop.

Posted: , by , Level 22

And the fast paced final table continues.

Our next victim is Amit Bouaron from Israel.

He got his chips all in with 2 2 but ran into Avi Avitan's King King. A King in the flop sealed the deal and we are 5-handed.

Posted: , by , Level 22

After it was very slow yesterday, today is the opposite. We lost another player in Rani Spanyer.

Sharon opened the hand with a raise and Rani called from the Big Blind.

On Ace Queen 10 the players went all in, with Sharon having Rani covered.

Rani had Ace Jack but to his disguest Sharon had flopped the nuts with King Jack. No help on turn or river and Rani is out.