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Davy Chamorro Crippled

Posted: , Level 14

One thing is certain, when Davy is involved in a hand, it doesn't get boring.

In this hand he limps from Middle Position and the Cut Off Omri Freshner moves all in for 31 Big Blinds (!), Davy calls.

Davy: 9 9

Omri: Ace King

A classic race.

The flop was save for Davy and came Jack 3 2 but the turn brought an Ace and the river a King and Omri doubled up.

Davy has around 10 Big Blinds left after this hand.

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - iGaming.org Reporter

Patric is a German writer and (live) reporter for iGaming.org. As a professional poker player he has a lot of insight into the industry. His goal is to bring his followers exclusive articles, interviews and stories in and around the poker world.

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