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Israeli Poker Championship

Posted: , by , Level 10

We have reached the end of day 1B. 22 players survived and will join yesterday's 20 survivors for day 2. One third of them will make the money.

Chipcounts will be added as soon as possible.

Thanks for following and goodnight!

Posted: , by , Level 10

Charlo Azzopardi got knocked out in the second last hand of the day. After a raise to 2.2k and a call, he moved all in for his remaining 19k, he got the blinds and the initial raiser to fold, but the caller didn't go away and was ahead with Ace Diamonds Queen Diamonds against Charlo's 9 Clubs 8 Clubs.

The flop brought immediately an Ace and the rest blanked out. He will unfortunately not return tomorrow for day 2.

Level: 10
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 9

We officially know the payouts.

There are a total number of 129 entries, of which 15 will get paid.

The winner will walk away with a cool 12.000 Euros,

You can find the full payout structure under the 'Payouts' section.

Level: 9
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

Posted: , by , Level 8

Aside the main event, there is also a 220€ PL Omaha event running. 7 out of the 12 entries are still remaining, with the top 3 being paid.

Posted: , by , Level 8

Mister Ten Six, with the name of David Chamorro, just did it again. He limped/called preflop and the board brought 7 5 4, David let out for a minimum bet of 500 into a pot of close to 6k and the initital raiser made it 5.5k, David called.

The turn was a 10 and it went check - all in - call. David had flopped the nuts with his offsuit 8 6 and had his opponents' Jack Jack drawing dead.

Level: 8
Small blind: 300
Big blind: 600
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 7

This lovely lady asked me to take a picture of her, as she's doing quite well. She already tried her luck yesterday, but today it seems to look a lot better, as she's sitting there with circa 50k in chips.

In the hand after the picture she called a raise from the Small Blind and the Big Blind called as well. The flop came 8 6 2 and she lead out for 5k into a pot of 3.5k, both her opponents folded and she showed Ace 8.

Level: 7
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 6

Players are on a 15-minutes break and the clock is showing 65 entries today, together with the 64 yesterday that would mean a total of 129 players. Once the payouts are official, I will post them here. 43 remaining players going into the last 4 levels.

Posted: , by , Level 6

The probably youngest player of the tournament just got knocked out in a strange hand. One player limped and Aernout moved all in for 8.8k (22 Big Blinds) from the button, the blinds folded and the limper made an 'optimistic' call with 10 Diamonds 6 Diamonds . Aernout was ahead with his King Diamonds 9 Diamonds but the board brought a 10 and he got knocked out, not able to really understand what just happened.

Posted: , by , Level 6

Giovanni Impollonia just got knocked out of the tournament in a brutal way.

On a Ace 7 Clubs 2 Clubs flop the money went with both players holding Ace King, but his opponent also having the King Clubs .

The turn brought the 9 Clubs and the river a fourth club, giving his opponent a runner, runner King high flush. Ouch!

Level: 6
Small blind: 200
Big blind: 400
Ante: 50

Posted: , by , Level 5

Local player Charlo Azzopardi is doing pretty well so far.

On a 6 5 3 board, he raises the initial bet of his opponent from 1.1k to 3.2k and gets called. Both players check the 4 turn. The river brings a 9 and this time Charlo bets 4.1k and gets called quickly. Charlo shows Queen Queen and his opponent mucks.

He is at over 45k now.

Level: 5
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: 25

Posted: , by , Level 4

The young man from the Netherlands is having a bit of a tough day so far.

In a limped pot, he isolated with his Jack Jack and the limper called.

The flop came 7 Spades 4 Diamonds 3 Spades, Aernout made a pot sized continuation bet of 2k and got check-raised to 4.5k, he called.

The turn was a 9 Spades and this time the inital limper bet 6k and the 19-years old let his Jacks go. He is down to around 10k.

Level: 4
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: -
Level: 3
Small blind: 100
Big blind: 200
Ante: -