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Jeremy Perici Calascione Out


We have lost one our local players with Jeremy Perici Calascione.

Nothing really seemed to work for him today.

He lost most of his chips in a 5-way limped pot, with the flop bringing: Queen Hearts 10 Hearts 7 Hearts, Jeremy lead out from the Big Blind for 750 into a pot of 1000 and got 2 callers.

The turn brought a 4 Spades and this time Jeremy bet 2250, the second player moved all in for his remaining 4300 and both player 3 and Jeremy made the call.

The river brought the 10 Clubs, both Jeremy and player 3 checked it down.

The all in player ended up winning the whole pot with his AceQueen, as Jeremy's flopped two pairs withQueen7, where not good after an ugly river for him.


A few hands later Jeremy got his remaining 5,700 chips all in with AceQueen versus QueenQueen and couldn't find any help on the board. He said, he might be back tomorrow, since this is a re-entry event.

Live report by Patric Huemmerich
Patric Huemmerich - Reporter

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