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Israeli Poker Championship

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We have reached the end of day 1A. 20 players survived today and will come back on Sunday for day 2.

Photos and chip counts will be added as soon as possible.

We will be back tomorrow for day 1B, which is expected to top today's numbers.

Thanks for following and see you at 6pm. Goodnight!

3am update: Chip counts and pictures are now online.

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The hand started with a limped 3-way pot.

The flop came: Queen Jack 8 and Jacques lead out from the Big blind for 2.5k, the limper raised to to 10k, Jacques called.

Turn brought another 8, this this the action went check/all in/call.

The limper had flopped a straight with his 10 Diamonds 9 Diamonds and was ahead against Jacques' Queen Jack.

Jacques needed an 8, Jack or Queen on the river but it was a blank.

He was slighty covered and had to head out, just a few minutes before the end of day 1.

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We are at the last level of the day. Action seems to be rather slow today, no real spectatular hands brewing. Let's see, if something happens in the last 45 minutes and if not, there's always hope for tomorrow!


22/64 remaining, which means an average of almost 60 Big Blinds.

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Players are on their last break of the day. Around half the players are left with 31/64. After the break we will play 400/800/100, which will be the second last level of today.

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We are now at level 8 and down to 4 tables as there are 36 out of today's 64 players remaining.

After this level, players will go on their last break of the day and play another two levels, until we call it a day.

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Tobias Sinding, the winner of the last IPC in Malta, just got knocked out.

He told me that he lost a lot of his chips when he accidently put in a wrong coloured chip, when only meant to call, so he had to turn his hand into a bluff.

He only had 8 Big Blinds left, when the following hand happened:

UTG raise to 900, UTG+1 all in for 9700, Tobias tanks a bit and then moves all in, as well and UTG, who had both covered called.

UTG: 10 10

UTG+1: Jack Spades 9 Spades

Tobias: King Diamonds 9 Diamonds

The board didn't bring any help to the two all in players and they were both knocked out.

Since Tobias probably won't return tomorrow, we will see a new champion being crowned on Monday.

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Players are back from dinner break and chips are flying. Blinds are 150/300 with an ante of 25.

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We have lost one our local players with Jeremy Perici Calascione.

Nothing really seemed to work for him today.

He lost most of his chips in a 5-way limped pot, with the flop bringing: Queen Hearts 10 Hearts 7 Hearts, Jeremy lead out from the Big Blind for 750 into a pot of 1000 and got 2 callers.

The turn brought a 4 Spades and this time Jeremy bet 2250, the second player moved all in for his remaining 4300 and both player 3 and Jeremy made the call.

The river brought the 10 Clubs, both Jeremy and player 3 checked it down.

The all in player ended up winning the whole pot with his AceQueen, as Jeremy's flopped two pairs withQueen7, where not good after an ugly river for him.


A few hands later Jeremy got his remaining 5,700 chips all in with AceQueen versus QueenQueen and couldn't find any help on the board. He said, he might be back tomorrow, since this is a re-entry event.

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The first two 30-minutes blinds are played. 58 players signed up so far, two of them already got knocked out.

We will play two more levels of each 30 minutes, before we switch to 45-minutes blinds.

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Hello and welcome to the coverage of the Israeli Poker Championship. After last time's success the IPC is back in Malta for another 400€ buyin Main Event. We will cover the following four days of poker action here at iGaming.

Let's see which of the players will be able to give themselves an early christmas gift.