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Alliance Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 25

He was knocked out by Emilio Tambe, who called his all in preflop.

Lele shows Ace Diamonds4 Spades

Tambe shows Queen HeartsJack Spades

Board comes

King DiamondsJack Hearts4 Clubs7 Spades10 Hearts and Lele is out.

7 players are left fighting for the €20,000 first prize.

Posted: , by , Level 25

And the players have started again.

The blinds are now 20,000/40,000 with 5,000 in ante and each level will be 60 minutes from now on.

Level: 25
Small blind: 20000
Big blind: 40000
Ante: 5000

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First real break of the day is now and the players have 15 minutes to smoke and stretch their legs.

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Many of the Italian and local players that were in the main event have decided to come and show their support on the rail. A rough estimate is that there are around 50 people watching on and off.

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And blinds are still 15,000/30,000 with 4,000 ante. 

The official seatings are below and chipcounts are updated under the chipcount section.

Seat 1: Antonio Greco

Seat 2: Antonio Di Nuovo

Seat 3: Jackie Chachia

Seat 4: Luigi Cocita

Seat 5: Mirko Cammisuli

Seat 6: Alessandro Corallo

Seat 7: Lele Sgherza

Seat 8: Emilio Tambe

Seat 9: Dario Annunziata

Pictures of the finalists:

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We just went around with the tournament director and got the chipcounts, we just need to know exactly who it belongs to, as he isn't sure who is who at the moment.

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It's time for final table. 9 players are ready and the tournament clock has been stopped while the organizers arrange everything. The 9 players on the final table are:

Mirko Cammisuli

Jackie Chachia

Alessandro Corallo

Dario Annunziata

Lele Sgherza

Antonio Di Nuovo

Emilio Tambe

Antonio Greco

Luigi Cocita

Good luck to them all!

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Konrad Abela has just been knocked out by Emilio Tambe, as the two players gets all in on the turn, The board shows

Ace Spades6 Spades8 ClubsKing Hearts

Abela shows 2 Spades9 Spades for a flush draw

Tambe shows Ace ClubsQueen Clubs and just have to avoid a club.

River is 7 Clubs and Abela is out.

Tambe now have 1,200,000 chips.

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Marko Vella has just been knocked out as him and Antonio Di Nuovo gets all in on the flop, where the board shows:

8 Diamonds2 Spades6 Clubs

Vella shows Ace SpadesAce Clubs

Di Nuovo shows King Clubs8 Hearts

Turn King Hearts and Di Nuovo hits

River 10 Diamonds and Vella is out.

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The tournament director has just announced shuffle up and deal. There are 13 players left and we will play final table 9-handed. Blinds are 15,000/30,000 and ante 4,000. Blinds are 50 minutes until Final Table where they will be 60 minutes.

Level: 24
Small blind: 15000
Big blind: 30000
Ante: 4000

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We are very close to the start. The dealers are seated, the chip bags are placed and the players and simply waiting to begin the action.