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Alliance Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 23

And 13 players are going to the final day tomorrow.

We will be covering live from 15.00 and as soon as we get official seating and chipcounts, we will post them. Thanks for following us and we see you tomorrow.

Posted: , by , Level 23

And we are still 13 left. We will update when everything is over and post chipcounts of those going to the final day later on.

Posted: , by , Level 23

And blinds are 12,000/24,000 with an ante of 3,000. 14 players are left and we play either this entire level or stop if we reach 8 players for the final table before.

Level: 23
Small blind: 12000
Big blind: 24000
Ante: 3000

Posted: , by , Level 22

Blinds are now 10,000/20,000 and ante 3,000. 17 players are left in the tournament.

Level: 22
Small blind: 10000
Big blind: 20000
Ante: 3000

Posted: , by , Level 21

And blinds are now 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante. Blind level is 50 minutes and 3 remains for the day.

Level: 21
Small blind: 8000
Big blind: 16000
Ante: 2000

Posted: , by , Level 20

We are down to 21 players and its time for a break. The break will last 15 minutes and the players will continue to play down to 9 players or another 3 levels in total.

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After we have gotten into the money, players have been extremely tight. Jan Blahynka however has just tried his luck and pushed all in preflop with Ace SpadesQueen Diamonds only to get a call from an opponent with Ace Hearts10 Diamonds

Board comes

6 Diamonds9 Diamonds3 Clubs8 HeartsQueen Hearts

No nasty surprises for Blahynka who now has a decent stack.

Posted: , by , Level 20

While we were writing about Giovanna being knocked out, another player was knocked out and the remaining players are now in the money. We will update the payouts as the players are knocked out.