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Alliance Poker Tour

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Which means that table 7+ will go to eat now instead. So will the reporting team, so see you after the break!

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After losing an all in pot with the guy to his left.

Preflop Ritrovato in SB calls a 2,500 chip raise, which BB reraises to 7,500. Ritrovato pushes all in and BB calls.

Ritrovato shows Ace Spades10 Clubs

BB shows Ace HeartsKing Hearts

Board comes

6 ClubsKing Spades6 Spades6 Hearts8 Hearts - No help for Ritrovato and he is left with nothing more than a couple of big blinds.

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Which unfortunately for him didn't go his way.

We arrive at the table as the flop has been dealt, showing:

King SpadesJack HeartsKing Clubs

Ritrovato checks, player in CO bets 1,625, Ritrovato raises to 3,625 and CO calls.


Ace Diamonds

Ritrovato checks again and CO bets 6,625. Ritrovato tanks for a moment and ends up folding, showing Ace Hearts to the table.


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Blinds are now going up to 250/500 with 50 in ante, but only for table 7 and upwards, as table 1-6 are now going on a dinner break. The dinner break is 45 minutes and the tables going on a break now will play the same level when they get back.

123/138 players remains in the tournament.

Level: 6
Small blind: 250
Big blind: 500
Ante: 50

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We arrive at the table as Andrea De Pasquale raise to 3,950 from the button. Umberto Odorino in the SB will have none of that and raises to 10,200 after a few moments of thinking. Pasquale now tanks for a few minutes and reraise to 18,950, whereafter Odorino quickly folds. 

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Where you'll find pictures from yesterday's and todays event. We upload almost all pictures we take to there, so there is a high chance of seeing the person which you are railing.

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We arrive at the river, where the board shows:

Jack ClubsQueen DiamondsQueen Clubs10 SpadesAce Spades

Alex has fired a bet of 11,000 into the pot of around 25,000 and Daniele De Vita tanks for a few minutes, before finding a call.

Alex instantly mucks his cards and Daniele shows Ace HeartsKing Hearts

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Sinding is bullying the table he is sitting at, having a big stack to play with.

UTG raise to 650, MP reraises to 1,550 and Sinding in BB makes it 4,525. UTG then goes to 7,250, which the dealer corrects to 7,750, MP thinks for a few minutes and folds and Sinding once again reraise to 15,825. UTG doesn't know what to do and tanks for a few minutes, ending up deciding on a fold. 

Sinding shows the table 9 Spades7 Spades and gets some bad looks from the other players.

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We arrive at the table when the turn action is taking place.

The board shows

4 Spades7 Diamonds8 Diamonds9 Spades

Matteo Riccardi in the BB has reraised the player in MP's bet to 10,000 and MP calls after thinking for a few moments.


5 Spades

Riccardi now fires out 11,100 chips into the pot that is already around 38,000.

The player in MP thinks for 5 minutes before finding a fold in his range. Riccardi shows Queen ClubsJack Spades to the table and shows he is capable of bluffing.

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The blinds have just increased to 200/400 with 50 in ante. While the blinds were going up, we saw Federico Fulciniti battle against 2 other players from his table.

We arrive as the flop has just been dealt:

8 Diamonds2 HeartsQueen Clubs

BB checks and UTG makes it 1,100, getting a call from Fulciniti in UTG+2 as well as the BB.


8 Clubs

BB and UTG now checks and Fulciniti bets 3,850 into the pot. BB now announces all-in almost instantly and both UTG and Fulciniti folds.

Level: 5
Small blind: 200
Big blind: 400
Ante: 50

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We arrive as the turn has been dealt. The board shows

7 Diamonds6 DiamondsJack Clubs4 Spades

UTG bets 2,600 into a pot of around 5,000 and Fiorillo thinks for a few moments from CO, before raising to 5,300. UTG thinks for a couple of minutes and folds his hand.

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We arrive at the table as the flop is being dealt by the dealer. The board shows

8 Spades4 Diamonds2 Diamonds

Spalleta checks from UTG+1 and his opponent bets 2,500 from LP. Spalleta calls.


5 Spades

Both players check


King Spades

Spalleta once again checks and LP bets 4,000 into the pot this time. Spalleta thinks for a few moments and decides to call.

Opponent shows Queen Diamonds9 Diamonds and missed his flush, while Spalleta shows 8 Hearts9 Hearts and has a pair of eights.

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Played at table 1.

Player in SB raise to 1,500 while LP calls.

Flop comes

5 Spades9 HeartsQueen Hearts

SB bets 2,000 and LP reraise to 4,525. SB calls.

Turn is 10 Spades

SB now checks and LP bets 6,000. SB thinks for a moment and calls.


10 Diamonds

Both players check.

SB shows Ace ClubsAce Diamonds for two pairs on the river, while LP complaints as he had been ahead from the flop with his Queen Clubs5 Clubs

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And that means that we are ready for level 4 of the day. Blinds are 150/300 with 25 in ante and 129/134 players are still playing.

Level: 4
Small blind: 150
Big blind: 300
Ante: 25

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It's time for the first break of the day, which will be a 15 minutes break.

When the players return they will have 3 levels of play, before having a 45 minutes dinner break. We'll be back when the tournament starts again.

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We just talked to Tobias Sinding who told us that he had just knocked out a player from his table.

Tobias recapped the hand for us;

Tobias raise to 500 from UTG and gets a call from the button and BB.

Flop comes Ace Hearts3 Spades2 Clubs

BB checks and Sinding fires 850 into the pot. Button calls and BB folds.


9 Hearts

Sinding fires another bullet of 1,500 chips and button calls again.


Jack Hearts

Sinding now checks and the button bets 5,000. Sinding thinks for a moment and showes his stack to the middle and the button calls and mucks as he see's that Sinding has King Hearts7 Hearts and nut flush. Sinding is now in 67,000.

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We arrive at turn where the board shows

2 DiamondsQueen DiamondsJack Clubs10 Hearts

BB checks and Magistra in UTG+1 bets 600. BB calls. 


2 Clubs

Both players check

BB shows Ace SpadesKing Clubs

Magistra shows Ace DiamondsKing Spades

Both players have a straight and splits the pot. 128/132 players left in the tournament and theres 25 minutes to the first break.

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We are now at the 3rd blind level of the day and blinds are now 100/200 with 0 ante. This is the last level before a 15 minute break, where players can smoke and stretch their legs.

A total of 129 players have registered for the tournament so far, 128 of those are still in it, fighting for a prizepool of €74,700. Average stack is currently 40,313 chips.

Level: 3
Small blind: 100
Big blind: 200
Ante: -

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Matteo Riccardi just lost a 18,000 pot, when a bluff got called on the river.

We arrive as the board shows the flop and the turn card

Jack Hearts4 Spades9 Hearts7 Clubs

Both players check


9 Spades

SB now checks again and Riccardi bets 3,600 into the pot. His opponent thinks for a moment and decides to call.

Riccardi shows Ace Hearts2 Hearts and has Ace high, while his opponent show 10 Hearts8 Hearts for a straight.

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Carlo Iuvara raise to 600 from MP and gets reraised by Alex Brand on the button to 1,600. The BB and Carlo calls.

Flop comes

King Spades3 Hearts9 Spades

Check around to Alex, who bets 2,200 chips into the pot. Both the BB and Carlo calls.


10 Spades

All players check


King Hearts

BB checks and Carlo bets 4,400. Alex instant re-raise to 12,400 and BB folds. Carlo now tanks for 6 minutes before the table calls time on him. Once the floormanager starts counting down from 10, Carlo decides to fold his cards.