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Alliance Poker Tour

Posted: , by , Level 9

Marco Romano has just doubled as he got his Queen HeartsJack Diamonds all in on turn against King Hearts6 Hearts on a Ace SpadesKing Spades10 Clubs10 Diamonds board.

River is a Ace Hearts and Romano can breathe normally again.

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We are down to 89 players now and it has become a regular thing that the dealers shout 'Seat Open'. We estimated that around 75 players would be here at the end of the day, but right now it seems that maybe it will be even lower.

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Gianluca Lagana is out after pushing all in preflop.

Gianluca shows Ace ClubsQueen Hearts

Opponent shows Ace DiamondsJack Spades

Board comes

King Hearts6 SpadesJack ClubsKing Clubs9 Diamonds and Gianluca is out.

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Blinds are now 500/1.000 with 100 in ante. 94/141 players are left and avg stack is 60,000 chips. 

Below some pictures of the staff making this wonderful event happen.

Level: 9
Small blind: 500
Big blind: 1000
Ante: 100

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We just saw Alex lose a 35,000 pot, where gave the pot up on river after trying to bluff on all streets.

We arrive as the board shows

Ace SpadesKing Hearts2 ClubsJack Hearts2 Spades

Both players check the river and Alex shows 10 Clubs5 Spades, while his opponent shows King DiamondsJack Spadesfor 2 pair,

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Ina Pavlova is out after raising all-in preflop.

LP raises to 1,600, gets a call from the button while the SB raises to 5,700. Ina in the BB decides to push all-in for 11,700 and only the SB calls.

SB shows Queen SpadesQueen Hearts

Ina shows 2 Hearts5 Hearts and needs some help to win

Board comes

10 Clubs2 ClubsJack ClubsJack Spades7 Spades and Ina is out.

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We arrive at the table as the board shows

3 Spades2 Diamonds10 Spades4 Clubs4 Diamonds

SB is tanking for 5 minutes before deciding to do a check. Poveda in BB decides to bet after a minutes time or so and SB tanks again, only to fold after a few minutes.

The pot was around 30,000 and Poveda looks to have a healthy stack.

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Against Marco Romano.

We arrive at a board that shows

Queen Clubs2 Diamonds8 Clubs

Eugenia bets 5,500 into the pot of around 13,000. Romano calls after thinking for a few minutes.


7 Spades

Eugenia now insta pushes all-in and Romano folds just as quickly. Eugenia now have around 50,000 chips.

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And we are level 8 in blinds. 

We still have no tournament clock available, but we have been told that 110/141 players are left and we expect many more to be knocked out in the upcoming hours.

Level: 8
Small blind: 400
Big blind: 800
Ante: 100

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The players are having a small break, while the tournament directors tries to fix the tournament clock.


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We arrive as Sinding in the SB has just reraised to 2,500 chips, only to get a call from Lagana in the UTG position.

Flop comes

2 Diamonds3 Diamonds6 Spades

Sinding bets 3,100, but quickly gets an all-in in his face from Lagana. Lagana pushes around 36,000 in total and Sinding tanks for five minutes trying to make a decision. Sinding makes up his mind eventually, folding even though he believed he was ahead.

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We arrive as the river card is being dealt, the pot is around 30-35,000 at this point already. 

The river is dealt and the board shows:
King Spades9 Hearts9 Diamonds2 Clubs5 Spades 

Both players check and Romano shows 10 Diamonds9 Clubs and Ina instantly mucks.

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We arrive at the river where the board is 8 SpadesKing Diamonds7 Clubs10 SpadesKing Clubs

There's around 25,000 in the pot already and Labate has placed a bet of 10,200 chips. Montemurro tanks for 4 minutes time, before finally deciding to make the call.

Labate shows Jack Clubs9 Diamonds for a straight and Montemurro mucks.

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Alex just won another decently sized pot and have a healthy stack of around 80,000 chips now, after having to re-enter the tournament earlier.

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And folds..

The board was showing

6 DiamondsKing Clubs7 Diamonds5 Clubs

The pot has around 10,000 in it and the player in UTG pushes around 15,000 to the middle. Romana thinks for a minute and decides to fold.

Level: 7
Small blind: 300
Big blind: 600
Ante: 75

Posted: , by , Level 6

The players are starting to fall out of the tournament as only 118/140 are left. Late registration is closing in a few minutes, which also means that players cannot re-entry again in the tournament.

The total prize pool is at €78,570 and tomorrow we will be able to see the exact payout structure.