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Alliance Poker Tour

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We have officially come to an end on all tables.

55 players moves on to day 2 along with 34 from Day 1A, meaning that we will see 90 players tomorrow.

We will cover the event from 15.00 when the players start and update all chipcounts as soon as we have them available.

Thanks for following the live reporting and we'll see you tomorrow!

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The players have started to put their chips in bags and sign them for tomorrow. We will update with official numbers soon!

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We arrive at river, where Alex has just bet 28,000 chips on a board that shows

9 DiamondsQueen SpadesKing Clubs10 Clubs4 Spades

His opponent in MP calls.

Alex shows Queen DiamondsJack Clubs

Opponent shows Jack Diamonds10 Clubs and they split with a straight.


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All three players gets all in preflop - Sinding have both other covered.

SB shows Jack ClubsQueen Diamonds

Sinding shows Ace SpadesKing Hearts

MP shows Ace HeartsJack Hearts

Board comes 

Ace Clubs6 Hearts6 Clubs3 HeartsKing Clubs and sinding more than doubles and knocks out 2 opponents.

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And we have 61 players left in the tournament. We expect only a few more to bust out in the last 20 minutes.

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We just talked to Tobias Sinding, who has just doubled.

He told us he got all-in preflop with KingAce against QueenQueen and hit a river king on the river. He is now at around 145,000.

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Lillo is pushing all in for 24,000 from BB, UTG+1 calls the 24,000 while Cammisuli in MP decides to push all-in on top for 70,000.

UTG+1 tanks for 8 minutes and waits until the last second to make a call.

Lillo shows Jack Clubs10 Diamonds

UTG+1 shows Ace Spades9 Spades

And Cammisuli shows Jack SpadesJack Hearts

Board comes

Queen Spades2 Diamonds5 Diamonds8 HeartsKing Diamonds and Cammisuli wins the 170,000 pot.

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We are now at level 12, which is the last level of the day.

Blinds are 1,000/2,000 and ante is 300. 69/141 players remains and average stack is 81,739 chips.

Level: 12
Small blind: 1000
Big blind: 2000
Ante: 300

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Romano raise to 3,600 preflop from UTG+1 and only the button calls.

Flop comes 

2 Clubs7 Hearts9 Diamonds

Romano bets 4,100 and his opponent raise to 8,600. After thinking a bit, Romano reraise to 20,100 only to get an all-in in his face for around 35,000 more. Romano thinks for a while and folds.

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We just talked to Alex, who is pretty active and continues to grow his stack.

He currently have a stack of around 160,000, which is more than double average.

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Sinding has just taken down another 30,000 pot and have around 100,000 in chips now.

The board shows: 

5 HeartsKing Clubs6 Spades5 Clubs

Sinding checks from LP to the player on the button, who after thinking for a few minutes bets 6,500 chips.

Sinding thinks for a few minutes and reraises to 14,500 which the opponent insta folds to.

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Adil Ettaqy just lost a big pot as he calls an all-in preflop for around 40,000 chips.

Adil shows Ace HeartsJack Spades and opponent shows Ace DiamondsQueen Hearts

Board comes

2 HeartsQueen DiamondsQueen Clubs5 Diamonds2 Spades

No help for Adil who is now down to having around 20,000 in chips.

Level: 11
Small blind: 800
Big blind: 1600
Ante: 200

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We arrive preflop as we can see that Valvieri 3 bets to 15,000 and Pasquale calls. 

The flop comes

Queen Clubs3 Diamonds7 Clubs

Both players check


3 Hearts

Valvieri checks and Pasquale bets 11,000. Valvieri quickly announce all-in and Pasquale open folds 10 Clubs10 Spades. Valviari also decides to show his hand, having Pasquale beat with his King DiamondsKing Spades

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We arrive at river where the pot is around 30,000 chips already.

The board shows

5 Diamonds6 Diamonds7 HeartsJack DiamondsJack Hearts

Sinding bets 11,200 chips into the pot and the player in LP thinks for a few minutes and decides to raise to 25,000. Sinding insta folds his cards.

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And we will now play the three last levels of the day. Blinds are now 600/1,200 and ante is 100. 85 players are remaining and average stack is 66,353 chips.

Level: 10
Small blind: 600
Big blind: 1200
Ante: 100

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Lucia Sibilia has just been knocked out. She was down to around 16,000 in chips and pushed all in preflop with Ace Diamonds10 Diamonds only to get a call from Ace SpadesKing Spades

Board comes

6 Hearts10 HeartsQueen SpadesJack Diamonds3 Diamonds and she is out.