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Alliance Poker Tour

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Day 1A has come to an end. We started out with 85 players and finished with 35 that will go on to day 2. 

Tomorrow is yet another day, also known as day 1b. We will begin the live coverage from around 16.00 and all the way to the end. Thanks for following the blog today and see you tomorrow.

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Another 2 players have just been busted out from the tournament, even from the same table.

First DonBartos busted out local Jackie Cachia and then Antonio Fatila busted out another player as well.

There are currently 35 players left in the tournament.

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The tournament clock has been paused and the tournament director has just announced that once the table hand is played through, they will play another 3 hands and stop for the day. It has also been a long day for everyone, playing for 9.5 hours.

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The next to bust out will not get any prize at all, while the one after him will get €220 instead of a ticket to Day 1b. The bubble play have attracted a small crowd who is cheering when a big hand is being played.

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We arrive at turn, where the two players gets all-in.

Board shows Jack Clubs5 Clubs7 SpadesKing Spades

Player A shows Ace DiamondsKing Hearts

Player B shows King Clubs9 Hearts

River is a Ace Spades and player B is out.

39 players are left in Alliance Poker Tour Day 1A

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We are now at the final level of the day. Blinds are 1000/2000 and antes are 300. There are 40 players left in the tournament and the average stack is 85,000.

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We arrive when the flop has been dealt and theres around 20,000 in the pot.

Board shows

4 DiamondsQueen Hearts10 Hearts

Fatila in MP bets 4,200 chips and Rolli in CO calls.


Jack Diamonds

Both players check


Ace Clubs

Fatila bets 13,500 and Rolli raise him to 28,500. Fatila snap folds and Rolli scoops the pot.

Level: 12
Small blind: 1000
Big blind: 2000
Ante: 300

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We are now down to 41 players, with only 5 minutes to the final level. Will we end under 40 players on this day 1a?

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Since we left Ferraro the last time, he had lost a big part of his stack again.

As we come to the table, Ferraro has just announced all-in for around 20,000 chips and quickly gets a call from CO position.

Ferraro shows Ace Clubs10 Hearts

CO shows Jack HeartsJack Diamonds

The board comes:

5 HeartsAce Spades2 Diamonds2 Hearts10 Clubs 

Francesco hits two pairs and doubles up to around 40,000 in chips.

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He does so when they get all in on turn where the board shows:

4 Diamonds3 Clubs8 SpadesQueen Spades

DonBartos shows King Spades6 Spades while Fatila shows Ace Spades3 Spades

River shows 5 Spades and Fatila doubles and now have around 70,000 chips.

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Which brings 800/1600 blinds and 200 ante with it. 44 players remains of this Day 1A of Alliance Poker Tour and we expect a handful more to drop out in the last two levels of the day.

Level: 11
Small blind: 800
Big blind: 1600
Ante: 200

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Francesco Ferraro has just doubled up with Ace HeartsQueen Diamonds against Ace DiamondsJack Diamonds.

The two players gets all in pre-flop and the dealer deals the board:

6 Hearts2 ClubsJack Spades, Turn Queen Clubs and river Ace Spades

Francesco now have around 80,000.

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We just saw another player double, when we arrive at the table at showdown.

Player A has Queen HeartsQueen Diamonds while player B has Ace Diamonds5 Diamonds and needs help to not bust out of the tournament.

The board comes

7 Hearts7 Diamonds6 Hearts4 Spades and river Ace Hearts and Player B doubles up.

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Marco Iodice has just knocked out another player and there are now 47 left.

The two players got all-in preflop where Marco showed Ace Diamonds9 Diamonds and the opponent 3 Diamonds3 Spades

The board comes

7 Hearts7 Diamonds6 Hearts4 SpadesAce Hearts

And Iodice takes the pot with two pairs. 

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And we will now play the last three levels of the day, with a total of 2 hours poker left.

Blinds are 600/1200 with an ante of 100 and average stack is around 70,000 chips.

Level: 10
Small blind: 600
Big blind: 1200
Ante: 100

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It is now time for another break for the players, this time they have 15 minutes to smoke and stretch their legs.

We'll report again in 15, see you then!

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Marco Cammusili has just doubled and now has a healthy stack to play with.

The two players gets all-in on the river where the board shows

9 Clubs5 SpadesKing Diamonds4 Clubs3 Diamonds

The pot is around 40,000 at this point and Marco pushes his last 32,700 into the middle. His opponent tanks for a moment but finds a call.

Marco shows King Hearts9 Hearts and two pairs, while his opponent shows King SpadesQueen Spades for a top pair.

Marco now have around 100,000 chips

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Lasse Jacobsen has just informed us that he is out of the tournament.

He told us that he flopped top pair top kicker, but his opponent had flopped two pairs and it held. 50 Players remaining now.

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Antonio Di Nuovo has just doubled, after getting all in with Jack SpadesJack Diamonds against 8 Spades8 Clubs preflop.

The board came out 2 Hearts9 DiamondsAce Hearts4 Diamonds7 Clubs and Antonio now have around 40,000 in his stack.