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Romanian MTT Pro Silvu Searches For Success

Napeu Victor Silvu has been a long time member of the stable, an MTT pro and on top of that he runs his own stable as well. Silvu is probably the closest you’ll get to a full blooded online MTT pro, playing several hours every single day with plenty of results to show for.

Silvu agreed to give an interview to, telling us how his poker career developed over time, what he sees himself doing in the future, as well as what interests him outside of the poker industry.

“Always be persistent and learn from your mistakes, study the game whenever you can and get control over your mental state while playing. Doing so will make the road towards being a MTT pro much easier and you will not fall into the most common pitfalls,” the inspirational Romanian pro stated for everyone to read about.

The life of a poker professional is far from easy, but Silvu proves that hard work a dedication can make any dream come true.

The full-time pro became a member of the stables back in September of 2013, when he found the need to be under a stake deal to be able to control his spending habits. Silvu had some money management issues, which often resulted in him not having an ideal bankroll for his games. Being stakes made him respect the money more and provided a more controlled environment, which he felt like he needed.

It’s kind of ironic that a poker player with 20 horses in his own stable needs to be under a staking deal, but Silvu enjoys the aspects that a stake deal gives him and it pushes him to play the best possible game at all times. He has shown great results under the stake deal and is a very valued member of the stable.

Being relatively new to online poker, discovering the game in 2012 when he began reading online poker blogs from sites like PokerStrategy, Silvu found the strategic element behind poker very intriguing. His new life and career started with registering for PokerStars and playing his first hands of poker there, and he never looked back.

The start of Silvu’s poker career was great, as he deposited $20 in PokerStars and won $1,000 in a tournament shortly after. Instead of believing that he was the king of poker, he understood that he had been quite lucky and that he needed to improve. Silvu started to watch online training videos, read poker articles and talk to other poker players who could help him improve his game.

At the same time, Silvu had a business that he was forced to close down. This meant that he needed a new source of income and saw poker as a golden opportunity. Silvu treated poker grinding just like he treated his business and he quickly saw that being strict about putting in volume and treating the game like a job gave him an edge compared to many other players.

Going Professional

Shortly after he began playing online poker, Silvu had to make a decision whether he wanted to find a regular job or try and become a professional MTT player. The decision was not very difficult, as he chose to try poker for a while and see if he had what it took to beat the games over a long period of time.

Currently Silvu plays MTT’s from micro to medium buy-in in size, which is the level that he feels comfortable playing in and believes that he can beat over a large sample. Due to him not playing the most expensive tournament, he has never won an extremely large prize, but he has some nice winnings under his belt, as he explains.

“I have won a $3.3 rebuy tournament for around $3,000, a $5.5 rebuy for around $3,700, the hotter $4.4 for $4,700 and I finished third in the hot $33 for $3,700 just this year. While it is not the Sunday Million, it is still quite good for me as a player,” Silvu said.

His biggest tournament win came last year, when Silvu finished 2nd in the Bigger $33 on Pokerstars, where he won $6,000. We asked Silvu if he ever spend any of his many winnings on anything special for himself or similar, but he said that he doesn’t really spend money on expensive things, but instead he has “spent a lot of money going out with friends, which is why I need to be staked, so I can control my money better”.

He did spend some money wisely however, as he invested some of the money into modernizing his house, as well as put some towards his pension. The future is a very important aspect for the 35-year old Romanian who’s in the process of building a hotel and tourism centre with his brother and parents. He hopes this project will be completed by 2016.

The businessman within Silvu aims towards being able to run these businesses with his brother by that time and be able to just play poker for fun. The construction has been five years underway now, but has taken extra time to complete due to some different complications.

“Five years ago I decided that I wanted to build a hotel and tourism centre and began building everything. After the construction started, we applied for funding through the EU which could have speeded everything up, but the answer from them was a clear ‘No’ and I will continue to fund everything myself and with the help of my family,” a resilient Silvu said.

Maintaining Focus

We asked Silvu if he has any issues with tilt, as we commonly experience that tournament players have a higher tolerance to variance due to the game having so much of it.

“I do have some tilt issues when I am running bad in the games, but never to the point where I start destroying mouses, keyboards or similar. I am working hard on this aspect of my game and I read some parts from Mental Game of Poker, which has made me understand that it’s “Simply Poker””

When asked if he had any poker players which he respected and looked up to, Silvu couldn’t really think of any, until the reporter mentioned Daniel Negreanu.

“Daniel Negreanu is a great presence in poker across the globe, due to his earnings and great personality. Furthermore he have Romanian origins, which just makes him even cooler”

“His parents are from Romania and migrated to Canada many years ago, before Daniel was born.”

When asked about his goals for the future, Silvu explained that he doesn’t look too far ahead in time but tries to do yearly goals mainly. His goals for this year are “to stay patient and try to find other games to play, that offers a lower overall variance”, as Silvu understands that he can hit a long period without any results, which would hurt not only his bankroll but also on the personal level.

Having a personal life outside of poker is also an important key towards having success on the virtual tables. Silvu enjoys spending lots of time with his closest family, play tennis two times a week and then watch his favourite football team Steaua Bucharest play either on TV or in the stadium. Silvu tries to enjoy his life outside poker to the fullest and feels blessed that he has had the opportunity to live of this amazing game. 

Daniel Allermand

Daniel Allermand is a freelance writer, with more than 4 years of experience in the industry as an operator, affiliate and poker player. Daniel has decided it was time to try and bring more coverage about the industry to the general public by writing articles about everything from poker to casino.  

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