Interview with Guillaume “Guimoura” Moorish, MTT Pro and Coach

Guillaume “Guimoura” Moorish is not just a great poker coach but also an excellent professional poker player. Moorish doesn’t live the average poker player lifestyle, as the 33-year old resides on a farm in Tatui, Brazil, and is married with two young children.

The Brazilian pro was kind enough to grant some of his time, and here’s the story of one of the coaches in the stable.

Moorish is a relatively new addition to the team, as he joined a little over a month ago. Moorish found out about through one of his friends who was already teaching sit n goes and MTTs to stable members, and Moorish was asked to join the team due to his great skills at coaching MTT strategy.

In 2010, during a private home game with friends, Moorish was introduced to online poker on PokerStars. This marked the start of Moorish’s online poker ventures and he managed to run his first $30 deposit up to $900 in three months. The Brazilian player quickly understood that more money was to be made with online poker.

Giullaume Moorish Playing Live Poker – The player with the headphones around the neck

Even though poker was going well his personally life took a big hit after one of this best friends passed away in the same year. The loss of that close friend had Moorish’s health spiral down, he slipped into a depression and started suffering from panic attacks. Medical advice seemed wasted on Moorish, until a doctor suggested he should take up a hobby to take his mind off the tragic event that started to control his life.

Poker was the hobby of Moorish’s choosing, and it quickly proved itself to be the right one. Results started coming in quickly and with that his health improved. A few months went by and Moorish reached a point where he was making enough money to quit his job. The horrible pain of losing his friend lingered, but the motivation for his new passion was bigger than ever before. Moorish became a full time poker professional and besides making money for himself he also found a love for helping others become better players.

The Life of a Professional

Nowadays Moorish plays online poker 4-5 days a week, not only to keep the variance down but also to support his family, which is what matters the most to him. Being an MTT player Moorish’s used to having sessions last 12-14 hours at a time, but his love for the game makes it easy and fun to deal with these extremes.

“I just love playing tournaments, with a small buy-in it is possible to win huge prizes and that’s what gives me a thrill,” Moorish said.

The Brazilian pro plays tournaments of all buy-in levels, ranging from $11 and all the way up to $215, which includes Sunday Million and similar tournaments.

Moorish has had several large victories in tournaments in the past, but the biggest prize he ever won also turned out to be the smallest.

“My biggest ship was in the $650 Full Tilt Poker Sunday Tournament, where I finished first and won a first prize of $50,000. When I won the tournament I was under a staking deal, which meant that the backer would take the largest part of the money. What ended up happening however was that I never saw any money from him at all. In total I won a little over $100,000 while he was backing me, but he never paid me anything despite making constant promises to pay me,” Moorish said.

It was quite a hit for Moorish to not get paid any money, as his son were just about to be born and Moorish wanted to pay for the childbirth. “In Brazil the public health system is horrible, so if you want your kids delivered into the world under proper conditions, you will have to pay extra money”.

Moorish was left with no bankroll to play poker with and a kid on the way. He spent many nights pondering what to do about the situation and he ended up deciding to coach other poker players in order to make a living. Coaching became a success and Moorish not only got a solid coaching reputation, but also money to build up his bankroll once again.

Guillaume “Guimoura” Moorish playing online poker with his children

Today Moorish is focusing on constantly developing his game and challenging himself on a daily basis, ensuring that he will never lose focus on poker. His goals include playing all the major tournament series in the world, such as WSOP, EPT, WPT and so on.

“I would love to play all the largest poker tournaments in the world, such as the EPT and WSOP and I think that all MTT players dream of doing so. I am a patient man however, so for me there is no rush as I know that my time will come eventually”

When asked if he ever “balled out” with his poker winnings, Moorish explained that he used to do a lot of crazy things, but that he is more calm now that he is married with two children.

“I have spent a lot of money on buying cars, partying, women, champagne and everything else that the lifestyle includes. Today I can see that it was a waste of time and money, as what is most important for me is my family.”

Moorish has matured a lot over the years, as he understood that it was necessary if he wanted to continue beating the online games. Back in the old days he sometimes took his bankroll and played high stakes cash games, which in one session cost him $15,000 and made Moorish feel so bad that he didn’t want to get out of his bed.

Moorish is a very popular character in the Brazilian poker scene and he has many friends from all over the country. He respects and admires many players and those he doesn’t he simply ignores:

“My favourite Brazilian players are TheNerdGuy, IgorCampanha, MukaGaming, Wellzito and Pessagno, who are all great players. On the international scene I’m a huge fan of Shaun Deeb, as I see him as one of the best players in world, but there are also other great players. For those who I do not like, I simply ignore them, as there is no reason to create any problems just because I don’t like a certain player.”

When Moorish is not playing, coaching or railing poker games, he loves to play football, ride on horses, and spend time with friends drinking a few cold beers. He always tries to dedicate as much time as possible towards his family and friends as he understands the importance of having them in his life after losing his friend.

Horseback riding on his farm

Moorish has met many of his friends through poker and thanks poker for helping him through a hard time in his life. He’s happy to be able to make money by playing poker, but even if he couldn’t, he would still play, as it has brought him many new friends and great experiences all over the world.  

Daniel Allermand

Daniel Allermand is a freelance writer, with more than 4 years of experience in the industry as an operator, affiliate and poker player. Daniel has decided it was time to try and bring more coverage about the industry to the general public by writing articles about everything from poker to casino.  

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