Hiking at Red Rock With Dan O’Brien

Back in April we interviewed Dan O’Brien and he spoke about the serious hits the poker industry has taken over the last two years. Now, at the end of the World Series of Poker, the outlook for O’Brien seems to be a lot different. The 29-year old poker professional is sponsored by the first ever legal poker website in the United States, Ultimate Poker.

Together with O’Brien the iGaming.org video crew decided to go out on a hike in Red Rock Canyon. This majestic canyon not far from the Las Vegas Strip is good for some amazing views and far sights. In the interview O’Brien elaborates on his the comeback of online poker in the US, his future plans and involvement with Ultimate Poker and how he’s planning on focusing more in poker now that it’s back. 


You can also read our April 2013 interview with Dan O’Brien here:

Exclusive Interview: Dan O’Brien – Good For Poker

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