Sato-Dice Review


Sato-Dice is a brand new Bitcoin dice site, opened the 31st of January 2013. It has yet to prove itself as a reliable dice site, but with the large investments already put in it by users and the large amount of traffic it has seen from the very first day, we believe there is a big chance that they will grow to become one of the biggest Bitcoin dice sites you'll find online.

With a very small minimum bet amount and a decently high maximum bet amount, Sato-Dice can provide games for the hobby player and the serious gambler without any problems. Players can choose how high their chance of winning needs to be and the site will then who exactly how much you'll win if you win. It is very simple and very fun to play Bitcoin dice games and with the small house edge they have, it is also very fair.

House Edge

Sato-Dice has a 1% house edge, which is very low and lower than most other Bitcoin dice sites in general. A house edge of 1% means that the house will on average be winning 1% of the Bitcoins betted, but it cannot be completely calculated like that as the bet size varies from player to player. Sato-Dice displays the bets from other players and how much they win or lose, providing proof of having a 1% house edge only. 


Browser Game

Sato-Dice is a so called browser game, meaning that you will not need to download any software or plugins to play. You will instead just play directly from your internet browser after you have logged in to your account and made a deposit. All of this are done in a matter of minutes and after that you have the possibility to enjoy the fair dice game without any problems.

Sato-Dice allows you to customize your bet to your likings, by providing you with the option to enter your chance to win, bet size and if it should roll high or low. Once you have entered all of these information, you will see what odds and payout you will receive if you win on your dice roll. You can at all times see your old bets, your stats and deposit/withdrawal history, providing you with all the necessary information that you need for playing.

The graphical standard is very low compared to other Bitcoin dice sites, but it doesn't really matter so much as it all about pressing a button and see if you won or not. The site is of course tolerable to look at, but we would like to see some improvements on the graphics in the future.


Deposits and Cash Outs

Making a deposit to Sato-Dice is quite simple as you simply log in to your account and press the deposit button. Once pressed, a pop up will appear with your unique account address and once the Bitcoins has been send you'll receive them in your account within 10-30 minutes.

For withdrawals you need to press the withdrawal button and enter your Bitcoin address and the amount you want to withdraw. Once submitted, the cash out will be paid to your account within 24 hours and sometimes even faster. All withdrawals have a 0.0001 Bitcoin withdrawal fee which is deducted from the withdrawal amount.



Getting in touch with Sato-Dice can be done by going to the FAQ section, where you besides the contact information for the admin also can find answers to all the most common problems and questions. Furthermore you have the possibility to get in touch with the Sato-Dice team through Bitcointalk forum as they have two different threads there. Sato-Dice strives to reply to all email requests within 24 hours after receiving the inquiries.

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