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Promising Casino Tokens 2018

Roundup of most promising casino tokens 2018

The decentralised gambling industry has surged in popularity since cryptocurrency became a household name, offering consumers a variety of benefits that were not feasible under previous fiat mechanisms. The features that this provides for recreational gamblers include the speed and immediacy of transactions, low barriers to entry, and ultra-low transaction fees.

Moreover, due to the transparency of the blockchain framework, historical gameplay is publically auditable - ensuring that casinos remain true and fair.

To facilitate the player’s gambling experience, online casinos supply their own in-house cryptocurrency tokens as a means to wager. Subsequently, these tokens, if not already,will become available to exchange for the more established currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, for those who are more investment-minded, the value of crypto tokens increase in value in-line with demand, creating a separate opportunity to increase personal wealth.

This brief article will provide a line-up of seven of the most interesting casino-related tokens available on the market right now.

Funfair (FUN)

FunFair (FUN) entered the crypto casino space as recently as 2017, with its founder's having more than 40 years’ experience in building casino programmes.FunFair's innovative team have solved three fundamental issues often associated with the casino industry - lack of fairness, slow game speed, and a poor gaming experience. Interestingly, its platform allows game developers to host their gambling products through the FunFair arena, which in turn, rewards the developers with FUN tokens. This potentially offers users with a new and exciting range of games to try, creating a thrilling gambling experience.

vSlice (VSL)

vSlice is the bespoke casino token of vDice, an established blockchain-based dice betting game which operates on the Ethereum network.Holders of vSlice tokens receive a share of vDice's profits, proportional to the amount of tokens held by the investor. Due the transparency of the Ethereum blockchain, dividend payments can be publically verified, ensuring that tokens are distributed fairly.

Edgeless (EDG)

Edgeless casino is highly unique in the cryptocurrency arena, not least because its gaming platform offers players a 0% house-edge –something unheard of in the gambling industry. Those who feel an element of scepticism should remember that Edgeless operate on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that each and every independent gameplay can be validated on the public ledger. Its gaming token – EDG, can be used to participate in its Edgeless Lounge, which is a lottery inspired game that is backed by the profits the casino generates.

Etheroll (DICE)

Etheroll is an online casino that allows users to gamble on the outcome of a dice. There are no requirements for players to register an account, which means that people located anywhere in the world can use its services. Furthermore, its highly-competitive house-edge of 1% is currently one of the best in the industry. Conveniently known as DICE, holders of its gaming token are entitled to a share of Etheroll's profits, proportionate to the amount of tokens held. Moreover, not only do token holders have voting rights for any suggested business proposals, the tokens are also readily available to exchange for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

SmartRoulette (RLT)

SmartRoulette and its RLT token plan to take the online roulette sector to the next generation. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, the fairness of each and every spin is guaranteed by its provably fair random number generator - providing complete transparency to the player.  Holders of its RLT token are rewarded for their participation, by receiving cashback bonuses as an incentive to play. These dividends increase in correlation to the amount of funds that a player stakes.

DAO.Casino (B?T)

DAO.Casino is an open source, decentralized platform that operates on Ethereum’s smart contract protocol.  This has allowed innovative developers the opportunity to monetize on their gambling products. The ecosystem completely eliminates the need for human interaction, as each smart contract is based upon the pre-defined conditions specified by the game developers - who in turn, are rewarded with the platform's in-housecurrency - BET. There is no need for players to trust that the gambling venue is legitimate, as the outcome of each game is determined by a transparent cryptographic random generator. Moreover, holders of a BET token are rewarded by the casino for bankrolling games, and subsequently, supporting the platform.

BetOpen (BETOP)

Although not technically a casino, for those that prefer to gamble on the outcome of sports might consider BetOpen. Its BETOP gaming token is used to place bets on a variety of sporting events, such as soccer and basketball, and the operator also offers new and existing customers a variety of ongoing bonuses. BetOpen aims to tackle a significant share of the sports betting market, which is estimated to amount to 40% of all gambling revenue. By doing so, holders of its in-house token will be rewarded with a share of the company’s profits, which can all be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.