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Zynga Testing Bitcoin Payments System for In-Game Purchases

Zynga Testing Bitcoin Payments System for In Game Purchases

The American game developing company Zynga has decided to test accepting Bitcoins as a payment method for users doing in-game application purchases. The test is available to players of FarmVille 2, ChefVille, CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, CoasterVille, CityVille and Hidden Shadows, but only if you are playing the popular games through's own website, Zynga posted on Reddit.

Zynga has devided to partner up with the popular Bitcoin payment processing company BitPay, which is an American based company running out of Atlanta. With the partnership with BitPay, Zynga hopes that they will see an increase in revenues and a decrease in the payment processing fees, which is a huge amount for most companies every single year. Another hope is to reach new markets by accepting Bitcoins and get a share of the several billions worth of Dollars going around the system currently.

With the news of Zynga accepting Bitcoins, the Bitcoin value rose to over $1,000 again, a level it has not been at since the Chinese Central Bank decided that banks could no longer transfer money to Bitcoin exchange sites. The question is if the Bitcoin will remain at those levels or take a plunge later today.

As more and more larger corporations and companies decides to integrate Bitcoins as a payment option, traditional payment methods such as credit cards and online wallets are getting an increased amount of competition and one has to ask themselves if they are willing to adapt to the new fast and cheap virtual currencies or if they will be stubborn and stick to their traditional values. Once we see some of the largest companies in the world start accepting Bitcoins, we should know the answer.

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