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ZeroStopBits now Accepting Bitcoin Payments Through Coinbase

By Daniel Allermand

The managed web hosting provider ZeroStopBits announced today that they are now accepting Bitcoin payments for their solutions and services. The payment service is in partnership with San Francisco-based Coinbase, who will take all transactions and turn them into fiat money instantly.

ZeroStopBits decided to integrate Bitcoin payments as a method due to them wanting to offer their customers most possible methods. Bitcoin Payments however is only available for certain products and services, but many more will be added to the list in the future so that it becomes a payment method for everything.

“We like to ensure that we would ourselves use a product we built, before offering said product to others,” Andrew Zed, PR Officer of ZeroStopBits said in a statement.

Offering a service that is incomplete is not an option for us. We have a rigorous product testing process, and do not believe in sacrificing quality for any reason. Rest assured that when we do offer our VPS and reseller hosting product lines, I expect that people will notice.” He added.

Daniel Allermand

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