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You Can Now File Claims Against Mt. Gox For Lost Bitcoins

You Can Now File Claims Against Mt. Gox For Lost Bitcoins

The Bitcoin took a massive hit when the - at the time - world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange site, Mt. Gox, shut down their services in 2014, after not having honored any type of withdrawal for accounts in months.

The reason for the closure was that the company was missing a massive 850,000 Bitcoins, worth around $64 million at the time. Customers had no where to turn to try and resolve the issue and get their Bitcoins back, leaving some to travel to the offices in Tokyo, Japan, to try and get some answers.

Now there’s some positive news for the people who lost their Bitcoins, as it is now possible to file a claim against Mt. Gox, through Here users will be asked to enter their username and password and agree to the terms of the claim and simply submit it.

Customers of the site will have until May 29th to file the claim and the company will then make a decision on the returns on September 9th this year. While it is uncertain how much money or Bitcoins there is actually left, there is no reason why people who lost funds or Bitcoins shouldn’t make a claim and hope for the best.

Unfortunately for most, even if a large portion of their Bitcoins are returned, they may still have lost a decent amount of money due to the large decrease in value for the Bitcoin since the closure of Mt. Gox. 

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