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You Can Now Buy a Lamborghini for Bitcoins

You Can Now Buy a Lamborghini for Bitcoins

Ever since the Bitcoin started going mainstream, it has been possible for people to buy almost everything online with the virtual currency. Now it is also possible to buy the top luxury sports car in the world, as has launched.


Here you will be able to purchase a heavily modified Lamborghini Gallardo with Bitcoins, making it possible for some of those who made a good profit trading Bitcoins to cash out that way through. The car can be bought for fiat money as well, but the site has decided to accept Bitcoins also, to not only attract a different crowd but also potentially save fees.


“The owner of the Lamborghini believes in progress, and Bitcoin is major progress in the world of currency. The Lamborghini itself is a testament to forward thinking- a 2004 model that has upgraded, fine tuned and optimized to be a car of the future, and one that promises an unparalleled experience for the driver, not only in the excitement created by driving it but the status created in being seen with it. Lamborghini have always specialized in creating dream cars, and with Bitcoin, a buyer will purchase that dream at an unbelievable price.” A spokesperson for LamboForBitcoin said in a press release.

You can see all the specifications of the Lamborghini Gallardo on the website, where you'll also see that the price is currently 399 Bitcoins or what is equal to $157,700. 

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