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You Can Now Accept Bitcoins With OpenCart Online

You Can Now Accept Bitcoins With OpenCart Online

Every single day tons of new online companies opens up their shops to the world, hoping to be the next Amazon or eBay. But most of these sites cannot afford the same sort of payment solutions and will take a big hit on the fees attached to any payment, making it difficult to make money in the beginning.

Now this might change for some at least, as BitcoinPay has teamed up with OpenCart Online, to provide the webshop owners using the OpenCart Online plugin to build their site with, with the possibility to accept Bitcoins.

The great thing about accepting Bitcoins compared to traditional payment methods is that the monthly fee for accepting Bitcoins are usually nothing and the payments are safe, secure and costs 0.8% fee only.

At the same time you will not have to worry about the volatile nature of the Bitcoin as your funds will be converted at a daily basis, so you won’t lose money in conversion from Bitcoin to fiat. This will provide startup shops with an easy way to accept payments without having to spend a minor fortune upfront and running.

“We are delighted to enable thousands of entrepreneurs across the world to easily accept customer payments in bitcoin, while having the option to remit their payments in their local currency and bitcoin in the ratio they choose. Merchants get proper invoicing in FIAT currencies so there is basically no difference between accepting bitcoins or accepting credit cards for example.” said BitcoinPay co-founder Daniel Houška. “We continue to work hard to give our clients the best options to integrate bitcoin payments into their businesses.