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Yahoo Ads Spreading Malware - Computers Used For Bitcoin Mining

Yahoo Ads Spreading Malware Computers Used For Bitcoin Mining

Yahoo, one of the world's largest search engine and portals, has been spreading malicious malware through their ads system from December 31st to January 3rd. According to sources, up to 2 million computers may have been infected with the malware, which was spread by Yahoo's ads system, where the malware took advantage of a flaw Yahoo had in their java programming in the ads. This allowed the malware to infect up to 27,000 machines per hour on the European version of Yahoo.

Yahoo themselves are not very interested in commenting the issue, but did release the following statement: “From December 31 to January 3 on our European sites, we served some advertisements that did not meet our editorial guidelines – specifically, they spread malware,” and continued: “We will continue to monitor and block any advertisements being used for this activity. We will post more information for our users shortly.”

The malware was used by the creators to help mine Bitcoins, simply by using their computers powers and electricity, making it free for them to mine the cryptocurrency. Since the new equipment that mines Bitcoins the best is very expensive to buy and to maintain in electricity, experts believe that more and more similar attacks will happen and that it is important that people keep their computers safe so they will not be receiving major electricity bills due to a hacking.

There has been no indication of who is behind the clever attack and it is doubtful that the people will ever be found. We recommend that you always have a good anti -virus program installed, which will instantly recognize any type of malware so you don't get exploited.

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