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Yacht-Base Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Yacht Chartering

Yacht Base Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Yacht Chartering

Some industries are well known for attracting only rich clients, which means that the prices that they have are also quite high compared to regular peoples economy. But everyone has to pay somehow and most people choose to pay with credit cards when they purchase online, which can be an expensive experience for the company. is one of those sites, as they charter yachts to the people who can afford to do so. Since their prices ranges from a few thousands and upwards of over a million, customers paying with credit cards costs them a minor fortune, as credit cards have a 4% fee on the total amount the customer pays.

To try and cut down on these fee's, Yacht-Base has entered a partnership with BitPay, allowing them to receive Bitcoin payments for yacht rentals and everything else they rent out.

"We like the bitcoin concept, decentralized currency, easy to use and fast so our clients don’t have to wait for days to confirm booking through bank transfers" Yacht-Base spokesperson told to NewsBtc. “90% of our clients pays for our services through bank transfer and bank fees are very high so we like the idea to cut bank fees for our clients.” he added.

So now it is possible for them to save a fortune in payment processing fees and they will even receive the payments instantly, allowing them to book the boats instantly for their clients. Not only can you rent any type of boat that you could desire through Yacht-Base, you can also hire crew if you fancy doing nothing and having the luxury experience of a life time.

“We hope that more people will start using bitcoin and pay for our services with bitcoin to avoid overpriced bank and credit card charges and that can result in lower prices for our services,” Yacht-Base ended.

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