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Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card Will Launch in June

Xapo Bitcoin Debit Card Will Launch in June

The long-awaited Bitcoin debit card from Xapo is just around the corner, as they have announced that they will be releasing it this month. What makes the card special is that it is tied up against your Bitcoin wallet and can be used as a regular debit card, meaning that it will automatically convert any funds you use into Bitcoins and deduct it from your Bitcoin wallet account.

It is not clear who Xapo will be working together with yet, as it was speculated into being potentially Mastercard, but that has been shot down. Instead it is speculated that Xapo will work together with independent network rails like Star, Pulse and Mac, reported.

The debit Bitcoin card from Xapo has been in high demand from the users, as they began accepting pre-orders of the card back in April. The card has a onetime fee of $15 which includes shipping, card fee as well as handling fee. While Xapo does not wish to disclose any numbers about how many have ordered the card, they did say that the numbers were high.

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