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Wow, DogeCoin up Such 900%, Much Suffering for Other AltCoins

Wow DogeCoin up Such 900% Much Suffering for Other AltCoins

The DogeCoin - Created after the very popular meme - has not been on the market for very long, actually only a couple of weeks, but is already the 9th strongest AltCoin on the market. While the Bitcoin and most other AltCoins continues to go down in value, the DogeCoin has risen in value with 935% the last seven days, which is an unbelievable jump for any AltCoin.

The total market value today hit $9,5 million for the DogeCoin, which is not a lot compared to other coins, but quite well taken into consideration the short life time of the coin. Just like many other cryptocurrencies, the goal for the DogeCoin is to become more valuable than real life currencies and to create a fun experience using cryptocurrencies.

Today (20th December), 9% of the 100 million DogeCoin's has been mined, but with an increased crowd attracted to the coin and with potential to grow large we are sure that more and more will start mining, making the process even faster, despite it is becoming more difficult to mine now.

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