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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 36,184.22

With The Rise In Bitcoin Price, Crypto Market Surpasses $90 Billion Mark

With The Rise In Bitcoin Price Crypto Market Surpasses 90 Billion Mark

The rise in the price of Bitcoin has raised the total cryptocurrency market value to pass $90 billion by Thursday evening, value not observed since early July. The sets out the market cap towards the earlier achieved $100 billion marks when it reached an all-time high of $115bn in June. The current market cap of all currencies combined stands at approx. $94 billion.

The prices of Bitcoin has been fluctuating a lot currently, where the market for Bitcoin increased from $2500 to a high of $2,889. The market cap of the digital currency also increased accordingly from figures at $37.9 billion to going up at $46 billion, occupying almost 49% of the market.

Other cryptocurrencies too have been performing strongly to be contributing towards the total market value at large. With Ether being the sole exception, all the 9 of the top currencies showed gains. Ether showed a slight decline over the 24-hours. The figures of Bitcoin suggests of a rise in new investments in the digital currency, rather than investors repositioning their prior investments.