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Wiper App Removed From Chinese App Store After Integrating Bitcoin Transfers

Wiper App Removed From Chinese App Store After Integrating Bitcoin Transfers

Wiper is one of the most popular messaging applications to be launched for several years, despite being launched at a time where the market has never been more saturated. You have people using WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and all the other popular chat and picture services to talk to each other free through data.

So why has Wiper become a success from day one? It's quite simple, as they provided users with something that the other applications doesn't have - The possibility to delete messages from conversations, even before the other party has read it.

This means that you can delete a single message, whole conversations you had as well as messages that the other party has not yet seen to avoid an embarrassing situation. Furthermore the messages are also only temporarily available on Wiper's servers and will also be deleted once you decide to delete them from your phone.

The application is completely anonymous for users which has also added to its popularity, as you can call others through an encrypted calling system so that nobody can spy on it or see who you have been calling and why. Due to its anonymous nature it was natural that it took the next step and integrated Bitcoin transfers for the users, allowing them to send and receive the cryptocurrency through the Wiper system.

The integration was a hit amongst the users, but as usual there has to be someone who doesn't want users to be able to transfer funds anonymously. This time it was the Chinese government who asked Apple to remove the app from the iOS store only hours after the new release including Bitcoin transfers were released in the App Store.

It was also expected that China would be against an application where users can communicate freely without being supervised and also transfer funds to each other outside of the traditional banking system, however it would have been nice for the people if it would have been possible. For those of us living outside of China, I can tell you that you just have to go to the Apple App Store and you can download the application by searching for Wiper.

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