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Winklevoss Twins Launcing "Winkdex" For Bitcoins

Winklevoss Twins Launcing Winkdex For Bitcoins

The Winklevoss twins also known as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss has just released their take on a Bitcoin price tracker, which they have name Winkdex. It shows the price of the Bitcoin from the three biggest exchanges in the world and tracks the price movement over a long period of time.

The twins have released Winkdex prior to opening their Bitcoin investment fund or a exchange fund as it is also known as. The tool is similar to and, but offers more possibilities in terms of seeing volatility and has a nicer overview than the two mentioned.

The price of the Bitcoin has been anything but stable lately, due to MtGox halting withdrawals due to what they claim is a bug in the Bitcoin, described as a transaction malleability. The tool can be used by traders across the globe that has a love for the popular cryptocurrency and wants to know more about the Bitcoin.

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