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Wikipedia Allowing Bitcoin Donations Huge Hit

Wikipedia Allowing Bitcoin Donations Huge Hit

Wikipedia and Bitcoin are a marriage made in bits and code, so it seems. While the former is the biggest online spot for knowledge and information, the latter holds its spot as the most traded and valuable cryptocurrency and it so it seems only natural that the one likes the other.

The proof is now here, as Wikipedia accepts Bitcoin donations since July 30th, and so far $140,000 (237 Bitcoin) have come in. These donations are a result of Wikipedia’s new cooperation with Coinbase, a Bitcoin wallet, which allows for users to now send those BTCs to the encyclopedia website.

It is interesting to note that Coinbase does not charge Wikipedia any transactions fees, as the latter is a non-profit organization. This big influx of money into Wikipedia bodes well for the site that always looks to expand their reach and quality content. Wikipedia is among the biggest websites in the world and looks to maintain that status in the upcoming years.

While Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency in the world it’s been rather quiet surrounding as of late. The price of a Bitcoin has been stagnant, but perhaps this new positive attention of a huge brand affiliating itself with cryptocurrency can have a positive effect on its market value and trading volume.

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